You're a Plant that Needs Loving Care

Each of us is a plant that needs certain conditions in order to thrive.
You're a Plant that Needs Loving Care

Last update: 03 August, 2020

You’re a plant that needs loving care. No two plants are alike, just as no two people are alike. There’s an easy way to prove it, too. Draw a plant, but not just any plant. Draw YOUR plant. If you ask several other people to draw THEIR unique plant, you’ll see that no two drawings are exactly the same.

Each individual will probably choose a different plant, as there are many kinds. Flowers, bushes, trees… And even if two people choose the same plant, the way they draw it will be different.

The size, the colors, the position of the plant on the paper… All those things will vary. What’ll change the most, however, is the description the person gives about their plant’s needs. Some of those needs will be ordinary, others unusual, and all of them will be nuanced.

Each plant needs different amounts of water, sunlight, and soil. People are like that as well. You’re a plant that needs loving care, not just from others but also from yourself.

Four friends watching the sunrise.

Your needs

I’ve always believed that people and plants have a lot in common, though it might not seem like it at first glance. First of all, we’re all living things that need certain care to thrive and survive.

We need to be able to breathe, soak up the sunlight, and drink water. Also, we need space to grow and develop. That’s why I think that each person is a plant that needs loving care.

“Art is the pleasure of a spirit that enters nature and discovers that it too has a soul.”

-Auguste Rodin-

I’m not an expert in gardening, but I do have a green thumb. Plants thrive in my care. I buy most of my plants on sale, so some of the tiny ones cost as little as $1. I carefully water them, give them new soil, and transplant them into a new pot when they seem stifled by the old one. Sometimes, I even talk to them.

Some of my plants still die, though. I’ve even had a cactus die in my care. That’s because too much water, like anything in excess, can be dangerous. It can drown your plants or even kill them.

The needs that plants have aren’t that different from our human needs. They need to find a place where they have enough light and oxygen. As they grow, they need more space and the occasional addition of more soil.

The thing about plants that reminds me the most of humans is how they need to let go of the old to make room for the new. If you want a plant to thrive, you need to take off the old, yellowing leaves and prune back old branches so the plant can use that energy for new growth.

Buddhism teaches about “the cherry, the plum, the peach, and the damson blossom” to point out the unique diversity and beauty of all living things.

A woman standing alone in the wind.

Every individual is a plant that needs loving care

Plant or animal, we all need a re-start every once in a while. We need to start from the beginning in order to grow. That happened with a plant that’s very special to me. Two of my good friends gave me this plant on their wedding day.

In our ancient apartment, this plant couldn’t find its place. In spite of my loving care, it was failing to thrive. I had to prune it down to practically nothing on several occasions. In our new apartment, however, it seems to have found the perfect spot. It’s getting stronger, growing bigger, and looks healthier every day. It still hasn’t flowered, but I’m sure it will.

Humans are just like my battle-worn plant. Sometimes, you need to renew yourself and start over. Only then can you find your place, thrive, flower, and bear fruit.

Every person is unique, and everyone has certain needs. Just as you can’t care for every plant in the same way, people all need different conditions to thrive. You wouldn’t treat an aloe plant the same way you treat a rose. No one expects an apple tree to bear plums, or a pear tree to grow strawberries.

You know that some plants flower and others have beautiful leaves. Some trees bear fruit, and some don’t. They’re all plants, but they each have their unique role to play in the big picture. People are like that as well. If you want everyone to thrive, don’t forget that every individual is a plant that needs love care.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.