The Beautiful Story of the Elephant That Lost its Wedding Ring

November 8, 2018

This is an old, beautiful story that people have narrated from generation to generation. This is a story to reflect on. It takes place in a remote place in the jungle where a young and beautiful elephant lived. At that time, this elephant was ready for marriage.

It hadn’t yet found a female elephant that stole its heart. However, one random afternoon, it saw a herd of elephants in the distance. The elephant noticed there was a beautiful female elephant in that herd and was purely captivated it.

The two herds came together and the elephant proceeded to walk beside it. They started talking and soon realized that they had a lot in common. They eventually fell in love. Just a few months later, they told everyone that they had decided to get married.

A dream wedding

This beautiful story tells that both herds felt incredibly happy about their decision. They hadn’t celebrated a wedding for a long time and they believed in the couple. Some of the older female elephants were in charge of making sure that the groom had a beautiful wedding trousseau. Others set out to design the menu for the event of the year.

The male elephants, on the other hand, set out to build a large tent where the wedding and the couple’s first dance would take place. Everyone would attend and it’d be an unforgettable event. At that moment, everything was joyful and every single elephant felt excited and ready to celebrate.

The wedding was only a few days away. Thus, the elephant proceeded to ask a friend, who was an excellent jeweler, to make their wedding rings. The elephant’s friend made the wedding rings with a lot of patience. They turned out stunning.

A herd of elephants.

A wedding ring and a beautiful story

The day before the wedding, the elephant was told that the rings were ready. It was so excited that it went to its friend’s jewelry store right away. It was very curious and had plenty of high expectations. The elephant wanted the rings to be absolutely perfect.

This beautiful story tells that the elephant felt enraptured after seeing the rings. It congratulated its friend for having created them. It felt so happy and proceeded to put the rings on its trunk and go back home. The only thing that was missing was the suit for the ceremony. The elephant thought about this when it was by the stream.

The elephant was very distracted and didn’t realize there was a huge rock on the road. Since it didn’t pay attention, it stumbled and fell into the stream. It happened so suddenly. When it got up, it realized that it had lost one of the wedding rings.

A gold ring with a blue stone.

Lost and found

The elephant fell into despair. It started searching for the lost ring. It kept digging holes everywhere, but it was pointless. Such small objects are very hard to find. The more it looked in the stream, the most lost the ring seemed and the more desperate the elephant felt.

A curious owl observed this and yelled: “Calm down!” This beautiful story tells that the elephant felt more anxious after hearing this. It thought that the owl didn’t really understand what it was going through. The wedding was set for the next day and it wasn’t going to be able to get another ring. What was the bride going to think? What was everyone else going to think? That’s all it could think about while still searching for the ring in the stream.

Then, the owl shouted: Listen to me, calm down. Everything is going to be fine, I just know it“. The elephant remembered that owls were known for their wisdom, so it decided to pay attention to what it said. It remained completely still for a couple of minutes and calmed down. Soon enough, the stream’s water and sediments settled and the sunlight reached the bottom of the stream. That’s when the elephant saw the ring and took it out of the water.

The young elephant learned a very valuable lesson. Its despair had generated currents in the water, which didn’t let it see the ring. It thanked the owl for the lesson and went back home feeling grateful and happy for what was to come. As a legacy, it left us this beautiful story to reflect on.