Your Destiny Is in Your Hands

19 April, 2016

Destiny isn’t written in the stars, the wind or the earth. Our futures can only be planted, watered, taken care of and harvested by ourselves. You can’t always go with the flow just and the winds can’t always guide you. You are the only one who can guide the path your journey takes.

We shouldn’t think that destiny in something inert, immovable and still. We can’t be victims of old beliefs that blame great omnipotent beings for everything that happens to us. There is no being with immense power that decides things for us. It’s our heart that decides what paths to take, and our feet that move forward along them.

What we do with the hand we’re dealt

It’s true that upon birth, we’re all dealt a certain hand with which we get to play. You may have seen the been born into a comfortable and wealthy family. It’s also possible that you came into a world of much worse conditions. However, these facts shouldn’t be an obstacle or reason to conform and get carried away by your circumstances.

girl held up by birds

Regardless of the environment your had to grow up and live in, you are the only owner of your destiny. The cards that landed in your hands hold within them aces, kings and jokers. Don’t ever settle for what you believe to be immovable, because you’ll end up suffering through a hard, bland and sad life.

“Destiny is the one who deals the deck, but we are the ones who play the cards.”
-William Shakespeare-

There is enough strength within our heart and abilities to deny a destiny that we don’t like or that doesn’t make us happy. We can each find the energy within each to overcome and look to the future with hope.

Changing your destiny

The paths of destiny are not always easy. Despite having been born into a wealthy family, fighting against your surroundings is never simple. But this is not a reason to give in.

“Men are the owners of their destinies. Blame, dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in our vices.”
-William Shakespeare-

We are the only owners of our destiny. We decide what we want to do with our lives, our world and our environment. It’s up to you whether you conform to what you’ve been given, or whether you try to do something good with the tools at your disposal.

Life is a beautiful gift given to us. And only our soul, heart and thoughts determine what we do with it. The time given to us is a precious commodity that we must respect and love, making the world around us something beautiful, nice and endearing.

Destiny is a question of wanting. And wanting is power. The human heart is a powerful weapon that does more than pump blood throughout the body. Use it wisely to improve your life and the lives of your family. Enjoy the goods you have around you along with those who love you sincerely.

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Never settle for what you don’t want

Sometimes we are like reeds in the wind, and we let ourselves be swayed because we believe it’s the best option. But being unhappy is never a wise choice. Thinking that others will be better off because of our lofty sacrifice and lack of self-esteem and self-respect will never bring success.

How can you ask someone to love you if you don’t love yourself? Your misfortune doesn’t make anybody happy. Your self-love, on the other hand, can improve the lives of many people around you. So, don’t get carried away by what you believe about your destiny, because only you have the power to write it.

The ways of life of the Greek classics are long gone, they who left their fates in the hands of the gods. There is no god in the world capable of telling us how to be, think and act. Only our hearts and minds are wise and have the ability to communicate and write the book of our lives. Have a strong spirit, believe in yourself and look to the horizon with hope as you decide your final destination.