You Don't Have to Lose Something to Value It

The feeling of gratitude is one of the most difficult to cultivate, but it is essential to learn to value everything that surrounds us.
You Don't Have to Lose Something to Value It
Adriana Díez

Written and verified by the psychologist Adriana Díez.

Last update: 06 June, 2024

The present is the only real time you have to enjoy something. So don’t wait any longer to be thankful for what you have, to enjoy every moment and get the most out of life. Don’t run the risk of leaving it for tomorrow, because that kind of caution has no rewards.

You have the power to see what’s around you right now: value it and enjoy it. Because I’m sorry to tell you that the people you love will go away one day. Your friends won’t be your friends, your kids will start their lives, your job will end, and that’s just the way it is.

So take the reins and make everything worth it. Make it so everything you have now stay in your memory forever. Don’t wait until you lose it to realize how important it was.

Give all the kisses you want to give

Here’s the magic of what people call happiness: you don’t need big things. You just need to give your mind some space for what you have today, here and now. Tomorrow you’ll probably have the chance to do the same thing as you did today, with the same people and energy. But that’s no reason for you to leave anything in the moment.

Kissing couple.

Go to sleep every day with a good taste in your mouth from the day you just lived fully. You’ll feel the peace that comes from making the most out of your time and drinking life up. That way you won’t need to lose anything to know its true value, because there’s no better way to do that than by enjoying yourself as much as you can.

The kisses you can give people today, give them! Say I love you a thousand times to anyone you love. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Love like it’s your last day on earth and enjoy everything you can. Not tomorrow. Today! Feel free to enjoy yourself, because other people’s judgments have nothing to do with you.

Value everything that you’re thankful for right now

By marking off the days of the calendar thinking everything around you will last forever, by not realizing that time never stops, by thinking that what you have today will be there tomorrow, you end up missing the chance to think about what’s important. You stop thinking about how much you’ll miss the little things and the people who are beside you every day.

You lose them and let them pass you by because you think you can control time and fit it to your life. But that’s just not true. The strange thing is that we all say goodbye to people every day and rarely stop to think what they mean to us.

We cover up a pain that could encourage reflection on our routines and our rush. Now isn’t the time, and the time never comes. It’s not often that we let reality express itself through us, even though we suffer its effects on the inside when it shows up in a negative way.

Love life and be happy.

Take notice of everything you have. There’s one specific reason for it: because recognizing its value will help you enjoy it, make memories, and create the life that you want. Yours. In the end it’s all the little things that actually have the potential to make you feel like a giant.

Don’t forget this: you don’t need to lose something to value it

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