12 Things We Should Be More Thankful For

· May 3, 2016

Lately, maybe because of lack of rest or maybe because of routine, I feel like I’m finding it harder than usual to see the positive side of things and to motivate myself easily.

You’ll agree that sometimes there are days in which the dominant color is black, when all you want to do stay pent up in the house, without any desire to live or enjoy life.

Thinking about this, I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve thanked myself and life for the little things that I’ve always had. The things that make my heart glow and fill it with love for those around me.

Things that happen all the time, like achieving your dreams, loving the people who love you, remembering special moments in your life, or learning something big from someone.

I forget that all of those things make me happy. Sometimes negativity keeps me from feeling them and admiring them with clarity.

basking in the sun

In order to remember every one of these things, I created this list that I’d love to share with you. The 12 things that we should be more thankful for each day, so simple and yet still able to make you feel so good about yourself.

12 things we should be more thankful for

  • Having our own personal space. Be thankful that you can count on your own home, where you can make yourself comfortable and do whatever makes you feel best in privacy. Feeling like we have our own personal space lets us free our minds and create a place of peace and tranquility.
  • Overcoming our fears. Improving as a person makes you stronger, motivates you, and makes you shine with your own light. Celebrating our achievements, when it comes to overcoming our fears and things that hold us back, is so important, and something we often overlook.

“Lucky is the one whom the sky gives a piece of bread, without being left with the obligation to thank anyone other than the sky itself!”

-Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra-

  • Asking forgiveness and being conscious of your mistakes. Be thankful for something so important and necessary in our lives as being surrounded by people who love us sincerely, with all their hearts.
  • Unexpected surprises. I’d like to specify that I’m talking not only about material things. I’m talking about emotional gestures. Actions that fill our hearts when they’re given.
  • Finding someone full of hope and desire to live their life with your by their side. In a world where we’re taught to prioritize material things, finding and getting to know people who are rich on the inside is a gift of life. Learning with them is even better.
  • Being able to enjoy the moment and learn to make fun of your mistakes. I was once told that I should “run, shout, enjoy, dance, and laugh while you can. Don’t take life so seriously. In the end, we won’t all survive it.”
couple on the beach

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

-Marcel Proust-

  • Being able to enjoy art. One of the most fascinating gifts of life is art. It doesn’t matter which discipline. All of it, absolutely all of it, was created to connect us to the essence of who we are. It allows us to feel alive and perceive the magic that we often overlook.
  • Having a perfect body. Have you ever thought about the genius that is our anatomy? It probably sounds strange, but when I think about the science behind our bodies’ functioning, like digestion for example, I feel very thankful for it.
  • Having enough to eat. You probably already know that not everyone is as lucky as you, or the other way around. Being thankful for what you’ve earned through your own efforts will also motivate you and fill you with gratitude. 
  • Learning valuable advice and feeling like your life has changed forever. I love being able to listen to people and learn from them. Without each other, our existence wouldn’t have any meaning. With our existence comes everyone else, remember that.
  • Love for your pets or animals in general. I don’t know about you, but never has a living being given me so much love without asking for anything in return like my puppy. He has to eat, sure, but let’s face it, the love of an animal is one of the purest and most wonderful sensations that you can feel.
  • Feeling love. This point encompasses everything. Love is everything. No matter the type of relationship or situation. I don’t have anything more to add to that; you know very well what I mean.