You Came Into This World to Be Yourself

You Came Into This World to Be Yourself

Last update: 23 February, 2017

The goals that society sets for us are oftentimes the ones we end up accepting. And then, later on, it’s possible that we’ll realize that these are not exactly the ones we want. You came into this world to be yourself, don’t get distracted.

Be it out of fear, shyness, bashfulness or even laziness, there are times in which we adapt to what other people establish for us. We forget about what’s most important. Nobody can make, form or adapt you more honestly than you can yourself.

Don’t be scared of what the world thinks of you

Our personality is created from the experiences we live through. Therefore, sometimes the perspectives people have of us end up affecting us to a point that we are not even aware of. Thus, it’s good to be clear on who you are and to defend your tastes, opinions and thoughts. Being yourself is fundamental in order to discover and develop who you are as a person.


It’s normal to be afraid when we see that we are different in some way to everyone else. But, isn’t it true that every one of us has a certain trait that everyone else could consider “weird”? And isn’t it true that it is precisely that weird trait which makes us unique?

Being afraid is a sign of awareness. These aspects will help us achieve spiritual well-being. It’s convenient, in this sense, to follow the path that we consider opportune for ourselves.

“Being beautiful means being yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to be accepted by yourself.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh-

Additionally, it is also good to listen to the advice of the people who love us. Because they are always seeking what’s best for us. And, above all, they accept each one of our personalities, even if they at times don’t understand them. Opening your heart to being yourself and showing your feelings can make it all much easier.

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