The World Belongs to the Brave

The World Belongs to the Brave

Last update: 28 December, 2017

Who is the brave? I believe the brave ones are the people who wake up every day and do their best. People who keep smiling as they knock down the obstacles in their path.

I also believe that those who are brave don’t wait for the “right time”. People who give their all no matter what time they’re in. People who continue to trust others. 

People who recognize and face their fears are brave. They realize their attitude towards the world matters. The world is theirs because each day they seek to discover something new in it.

They are brave and jump into things with both feet. Envious people surround them, thousands of “no’s” walk by their side. But, do you know what the best quality of a brave person is?

They encourage others to be brave too. They drag others into the dangerous world out there because they have the strength and desire to show others it will all work out. Sometimes things will end badly, but it will pass and we can move forward.

I love people who dare to live boldly, not those who say “carpe diem” a few days of the year. I love people who say it and live it every day. Every day is unique and unrepeatable and we must have the courage to live it as such.

Resilience as a way of life

Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity and continue living in the face of adversity. This may be the correct and formal definition of resilience, but we would miss out on much of its meaning if we stopped here.

We must also talk about working towards our goals despite our fear and doubt. Despite the lingering memory of past failures. People who live this way are brave.

Resilience refers to brave people who shape the world around them, who know how to speak of their pain in order to heal it, even though it stings at the beginning.

They know what it’s like to hit rock bottom, they’ve been there many times, and each time they’ve resurfaced.

Resilience is just a general word, a formal definition, but everyone has their own personal story of resilience. They know being resilient is not easy, but worth the effort.

So how can we be “the brave”?

Fear will always protect you and make you think twice. Listen to it, but remember that you might find a better way of life when you go beyond your comfort zone. Or maybe you won’t. Either way, you won’t know what lies behind the door until you open it. 

Leave the normal behind, and put on your best qualities every day. Don’t wait for the weekend to get dressed up. Don’t wait until you retire to travel.

Don’t wait for things to all line up before you take risks. Why wait until you have “time” to go out dancing or have a drink with your friends? Make room, time is yours.

a brave girl in a field

Say “I love you” as often as possible, kiss and hug your loved ones whenever you can, don’t miss the opportunity. If you do, you may never get it back. We’ve all seen opportunities come and go.

Make a list of your dreams and start walking towards them. You will make mistakes sometimes, and sometimes you will succeed. That is the attitude of the brave: people to whom the world belongs. 



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