Workplace Harassment: A Silent Reality

04 September, 2017

One day at work, a coworker or your boss laughs about you in public. Or he sends you a list of tasks that aren’t part of your job according to your contract. Also, if you don’t complete them, your boss scolds you or humiliates you in front of your coworkers. Without realizing it, you buckle under the pressure and accept to do the things he demands, just so he will leave you alone.

And it seems to work…for a while. Because one day, even though you do everything that he asks, he takes it a step further. And he tells you to do something even more degrading, or the mockery becomes even worse. Or he starts screaming at you. And enough is enough. You seek refuge in your superior, and they don’t offer any solution beyond simply putting up with it. But, why do you have to? Why is it that the ones who can resolve this situation don’t do anything about it? Enough!

“If there are no heroes to save you, then you have to become a hero.”
-Denpa Kyoshi-

In addition to the harms of the worker, workplace harassment will also have negative consequences for the organization. Given the suffering of the victim, this person tends to ask for a dismissal. The workers who don’t do so worsen the overall workplace performance. Because their levels of satisfaction and commitment to the company lower, increasing their intention to leave that company.