Why Love Matters

Why Love Matters

Last update: 16 November, 2016

Have you ever stopped to think about why love is so important? In life we experience a lot of feelings: joy, excitement, fear, hate…However, love is truly the feeling that unifies all of our emotions, and ends up being vital to our well-being.

Because really, when you think about it, a big part of our emotions can be encompassed by love. You may feel fear while watching a horror film, but you’re also afraid of not being loved or fully understood by another person. Love impregnates every other emotion with it’s color in one way or another.

Love encompasses it all

We could say that it encompasses everything. It’s an enormous feeling, with huge proportions, that allows us to feel all kinds of emotions. It gives our lives meaning at the end of the day.

On the other hand, we can say that it encompasses a great number of emotions because it’s thanks to love that we’re able to feel everything else:

  • Anger because the person you want has chosen to be with someone else.
  • Affection for a child or a spouse, for example.
  • Frustration because your loved one doesn’t understand you
  • Solidarity because you’ve established a friendship that is truly profound and full of light

As you can see, love encompasses a vast number of emotions, both positive and negative. But for every feeling you run in to that makes you feel pain, there will always be an opposite one nearby that will allow you to feel joy in an intimate and personal way. Think about it and give yourself the chance to discover it.

Love should rule our lives from the day we leave our mother’s womb, until the day we perish on our deathbed.

mother and daughter

It gives your life meaning

Love gives our life meaning from the very first minute we come out of our mother’s womb. All children live their emotions with great intensity. Everything begins and ends with the person who educates them, gives them shelter, cares for them, feeds them, teaches them and ultimately, loves them.

Gradually, the child grows and discovers the power of loving your neighbor. He begins to meet family, friends and classmates. At that time, they begin to weave the personal relationships that will give meaning to their little lives and lay the foundation for a future in harmony and peace.

Then come the great loves of youth. I’ts such a strong, deep-rooted feeling that the child feels their life will disintegrate and eventually end if they’re not able to share their life with a loved one, within whose lap begins and ends a life that only makes sense to them.

Over the years, loves settle. The relationships with friends, family and lovers settle into being our eternal companions, while we’re busy traveling in a convulsed world full of nonsense. However, the solidarity of those who are with us make it all worthwhile.

We end our lives with our true love. All of the pain and bad experiences from our past are hushed by the intensity of the feelings and experiences we’re now having. Everything else seems to come and go, but our emotions are ever intact.

 Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.

-Loretta Young-

couple kissing moonlight

Love moves your life

It is therefore evident that love moves people’s lives. And turning away from a bad experience is a terrible mistake which you may pay for many years to come and can make other people hold grudges.

Never turn your back on it; let it flow through every pore of your body. Let it blow life into your tired, lifeless body. Let it make you vibrate, suffer, feel, enjoy … Let it do it’s thing, because love gives meaning to your existence.

Live every day as if it were your last, and love with all of your strength, because only then will you reach a state of happiness and balance that will give meaning to everything else you do.

Remember that there is always a person who wants you, who is perfect for you, who is waiting for you … A being who has the same need to love you that you feel, and who knows that until you get there, they will never feel complete and fulfilled.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.