Where There are Tears, There is Hope

Where There are Tears, There is Hope

Last update: 25 November, 2017

Where there are tears, there is hope. Everything that hurts us and changes us also makes us grow and fight. Things that upset us teach us the value of smiles, affection, and good moments. In the same way, we can learn from the bad moments and find the strength necessary to change them.

If there are tears, there can be motivation to change and find something better. There’s no better fuel than that that comes from profound sadness. The kind of sadness that soaks through to the bone and leaves us short of breath. In life, our lowest moments precede the best changes. The fear and uncertainty that we feel before we leap pales in comparison to what we will find on the other side.

Where there are tears, there is strength of character. There is true feeling that comes from the heart. That’s why the tears start. Each tear is a little push, a way to reach rock bottom. When we get there, we can find the strength that motivates us to build something better.

They say that only he who has known sadness and has cried his heart out understands the glory of what it is to be human.

Where there are tears, there is life

Where there are tears, there is life bubbling and flowing from inside. This gives us the hope to keep fighting for something better. Remember that just as water gives us life, tears help us find the strength that we have in our heart.

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That’s why sadness is a necessary part of life. We need it to realize how much we are worth. Tears aren’t like rain on stone, they don’t erode our inner selves. Instead, they give us the courage we need to see the sun after the storm.

Rainbows only come with storms, and if we don’t let the rain keep us from seeing beyond our sadness. The most beautiful things in life, the ones we remember the most, are the ones that seemed impossible after feeling such sadness. But these same things are the ones that come because we didn’t give up during the storm. 

I can survive hurricanes of rebukes, lightening bolts of fear, and thunderclaps of pain, but only after the storm ends can I find the strength to see the sun.

We have to learn to get out our umbrella, to vent and cry and yell and express whatever we have to. We must gather strength from our emotions and free our inner selves. There’s nothing wrong with being human, and there’s nothing wrong with expressing our feelings. 

Where there are tears, there is an opportunity to learn

So, since there’s nothing wrong with expressing an emotion, why don’t we take advantage of the opportunity and gain something from them? We might be surprised by what we can do when we get to know ourselves and listen to our pain.

Nothing is ever what it seems. Deep sadness can hide behind a smile. Opportunities, dreams, and happiness can hide behind tears. Let’s not get swept away by appearances, nor sink into unhappiness.

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Let’s learn to listen to our tears and gain strength from them. Let’s learn to seek out the change we long for so much. Let’s decipher the meaning of our tears to find out what bothers us. Once we figure it out, let’s get it out of our lives. If it isn’t possible to say goodbye, we can build a bridge towards the lessons we can learn from it.

Let’s not forget that there is always a shoulder to cry on when we need to express ourselves. We will always have a pair of arms to embrace us and love us. And after bad storms, there are always moments of calm and time to think. When there are tears, there is hope. Behind every reason for crying, there is an open door waiting to change your life. 

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