What Does it Mean When You Dream About Cats?

The cat symbolizes money, fantasy, betrayal and irrationality in the dream world.
What Does it Mean When You Dream About Cats?

Last update: 26 August, 2021

It’s extremely common to dream of animals, especially cats. In fact, in the dream world, cats represent different things. They can signify fantasy and irrationality, but also independence, money, and seduction.

Have you ever dreamt of cats? In this article, we talk about the different types of meanings that are given to dreams about them.

What does it mean to dream about cats?

In the world of dreams, to dream about cats represents fantasy, and sometimes excess irrationality. On the other hand, if you dream that you simply see a cat, it’s related to betrayals. In addition, dreaming of this animal can have other meanings. They include seduction, money, and independence.

If the cat you dream about is black (as well as the well-known superstition surrounding them), it may mean that you need to watch out as there could be some evil people in your life of whom perhaps you’re unaware.

Dreaming of cats also symbolizes the unknown. It involves those areas of your life that you haven’t yet explored. It may be a sign that you should put your fear and insecurities behind you and start making decisions.

There are more types of dreams related to cats. They depend on the type of cat and what the cat (or you) does in the dream. They all have different meanings.

Sleeping woman dreaming of cats

The type of cat

Let’s see what it means to dream about cats, according to what kind they are.

White cat

The color white symbolizes authenticity, purity, and inner peace. Therefore, if you dream about a white cat, it might mean that you need to start looking for peace and tranquility in your life.

Gray cat

Dreaming of gray cats can mean that you’re feeling happily settled and stable. Gray is a color that also indicates responsibility. For example, it can reflect your commitment at work or other areas of your life.

Huge cats

When you dream of extremely large things, in this case, cats, they can symbolize an excess of something in your life. Perhaps it’s time to become a little more balanced and get rid of any of those excessive behaviors.

Dead cats

Death of anything, in the dream world, symbolizes the hidden world and the darkness that precedes your spiritual rebirth.

Furthermore, dreaming of cats often symbolizes independence and economy. Therefore, if the cats are dead in your dream, this may suggest a bad financial bad moment or level of independence.


Dreaming about kittens often fills you with joy. The meaning of these dreams relates to the very same emotion. Perhaps you need a little spark in your life, or even some affection (not necessarily from a person).

This dream can arise when you’re going through a bad time, or when you’ve distanced yourself or are far away from your loved ones and yearn for their affection. It’s the kind of dream that encourages you to think about the people in your life.

Domestic cat

Dreaming of domestic cats symbolizes independence and autonomy in your life.


Dreaming of rabid cats symbolizes a stormy relationship in your life that’s tormenting you.


If the cat that appears in your dreams is wild, it means that your independence often turns into aggressiveness.

What happens in the dream

Depending on your or the cat’s actions in your dream, the meaning varies. Here are three of the most frequent:

Petting a cat

This means that the person you love doesn’t deserve your love. It also has another meaning: you’ll soon receive a significant of money.

Furthermore, if the cat purrs while you’re stroking it, this could mean reciprocated love.

Cat on the legs of a person

Capturing a cat

Dreaming that you capture a cat can be a warning not to be too impulsive. If the cat fights back, this serves as a warning that you may be robbed.

Killing a cat

Dreaming about killing a cat is telling you that you’re going to end a dangerous relationship.

Being bitten by a cat

To dream about a cat biting you symbolizes an infatuation that you don’t want, but that will come nevertheless.

Dreams and their meanings

All mammals dream. Dreams tend to happen during the REM phase of sleep when your brain’s particularly active. This phase repeats itself every 90 minutes, for about 25 percent of the time you’re asleep.

If you wake up during this phase, it’ll be easier for you to remember the contents of your dreams. As a rule, your dreams always tend to mean something. However, sometimes, it’s not so much that they’re predictory (premonitory dreams),but that they’re related to your present life, aspirations, and identity, etc.

The best way to interpret a dream is by identifying how you felt in it and how you can link it with certain aspects of your reality. Remember that, whether you dream about cats or other animals, it’s highly likely that these dreams are related to a particular situation in your current life or to your memories. Because, at the end of the day, your mind always works with familiar elements.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”


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