8 Types of Dreams and Their Meanings

Does everything we dream have a meaning? Do the same types of dreams mean the same for everyone? What does psychology say about this? Find out the answers to these and other questions here.
8 Types of Dreams and Their Meanings

Last update: 31 January, 2021

The world of dreams is as fascinating as it is unknown. Not everyone believes that different types of dreams have meaning or that they hold some hidden message for us. However, there are increasingly more books and articles about them and many of their attributed meanings hide a symbolism and a story.

Today, we’re going to look at eight curious types of dreams and their meanings, at least according to some authors who write about this topic.

Using psychology, Freud was one of the first to try to interpret the world of dreams. One technique he used was free association, in which the patient explained their dream and began to make associations between its elements and their life.

According to Freud, the actual content of the dreams wasn’t so important, but rather the interpretation we ourselves made of that dream (and of each of its elements).

In reality, it isn’t the case that everything we dream means that a certain thing will happen, but, rather, that everything we dream has a meaning for our psyche. Moreover, especially from the point of view of psychoanalysis, dreams often hide repressed desires, hidden fears, and other types of elements present in our lives and in our minds.

Through dreams, many emotions and thoughts are channeled, in a way that isn’t possible during wakefulness. Discover a little more about the curious world of dreams below!

“Existence would be intolerable if we were never to dream.”

-Anatole France-

A woman dreaming.

Some curious dreams and their meanings

What does it mean to dream that you’ve fallen in love? Or that you’re being chased? Or that you’re eating? Here are some curious dreams, along with their potential meanings, which we’ve taken from two books: The Great Book of Dreams (2006) by Anna Monteschi and How to Interpret Dreams (2004) by Luis Trujillo.

Different types of tickets

Some dreams are about different types of tickets. According to Anna Monteschi, if you dream of a movie or theater ticket, it suggests the following message: “entertainment wearies introverted people”. On the other hand, dreaming about a lottery ticket is related to luck and to being careful about wanting to get too much.

If the ticket is for a streetcar, or tram, then this suggests that perhaps you should put initiative into practice, as small changes you need to make require this. Dreaming of a train ticket is related to sacrifices that could improve your current situation.

Finally, being found without tickets suggests that, although everything has been easy for you so far, you’ll soon have to pay for what you have.

Eating or food

Dreaming that you’re eating is related to the need for new stimuli. If it’s a lunchtime meal, this is related to good social relationships. If there are live animals in your dream, then this is a symbol of aggressiveness.

Eating meat denotes security and maturity. On the other hand, eating fish means that you’ll get some news soon. If it’s ashes that you’re eating, then this means that you tend to punish yourself needlessly.

If the food is pleasant, it means you’re open to new experiences. However, if it’s unpleasant, then you’re rejecting the opportunities to open up. Pre-prepared food in your dreams denotes confidence in your own abilities. If, on the other hand, you’re eating vegetables, then this is related to a stable situation in your life that’s giving you little satisfaction.

Dreaming that you’re eating in company is related to unfulfilled desires. On the other hand, dreaming that you’re eating alone means that you may soon be living in unforeseen isolation.

If it’s sweet food, then you might be in need of affection. If it’s fruit, it’s related to health concerns. Or finally, if it’s leaves, it’s related to gaining knowledge regarding deception.

Dreams about stations

Dreaming that you’re in a station, be it a subway or a train station, is related to serious problems caused by your indecision. If you’re accompanying someone who’s leaving, then it’s related to you soon getting to know an interesting person. If you’re meeting someone at a station, then it means that you’re at an important, yet confusing, time in your life.


Dreaming about birth can relate to luck and improvements in life. If the person in the dream is born blind and mute, then this can have to do with bad luck or an unfortunate twist of fate.

Being born in a beautiful way means that all the worries you had are forgotten for a while. If you dream that you’re born as an adult, it means that you have renounced your childhood.


This is another fairly common dream, or should we say nightmare? Dreaming that you’re in a chase means that you think that someone’s after you for selfish reasons. If you’re the one chasing something or someone, then it may mean that you want to harm someone, without any reason to do so. If you’re chasing an animal, it means that, in your life, you usually act by instinct.

Getting drunk

Dreaming that you’re drunk is related to excessive impulses you may have, which could create financial damage for someone. If you get drunk with liquor, then it means you find it difficult to control your own actions. On the other hand, if you dream of wine, then it may have to do with a current state of disorientation in your life and feelings of guilt.

A couple in love.

Falling in love

Who hasn’t dreamed of falling in love? This dream has to do with a desire to experience a true love story. If you dream that you fall in love with your own partner, then it means that your relationship could be long lasting. If it’s a stranger, then you’re looking for something new in your life.

On the other hand, if it’s an old friend, then you need security and if it’s an object that you’ve fallen in love with, then it means you’re very impulsive.

Dreaming of a lake

Lakes, in the world of dreams, are positive symbols. However, if you go for a swim in it, then it could mean that bad luck is around the corner. If you’re on a shore, then a positive period is approaching, regarding friends and work.

If you’re sailing on a boat, then calm and unimportant trips are coming. On the other hand, if you live on the lake, then this symbolizes calm, but also a lack of stimuli in your life.

Have you had any of these types of dreams? Do you believe that dreams have a meaning? We all have dreams practically every night, even if we don’t always remember them. Why not write down your dreams as soon as you wake up? If you don’t, you’ll soon forget them, and maybe there’s something important in them that you should be taking note of.

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