I Want to Experience Everything

07 April, 2016

If we really think about it, life is so short… So why don’t we try to experience everything it has to offer? Why don’t we look for the good life has? Why don’t we seize it with strength and without fear?

Let’s learn to live without letting anything get away from us. That way, when we’re very old, we’ll be made happy by all of the experiences we were able to hunt down like the world’s best hunter. So that when we no longer have the strength to seize the sun or catch the moon in our hands, we’ll be able to say that we did everything we wanted. We had the strength while we were young and the courage to live!

“To live is not just to exist, but to exist and create, to know how to enjoy and suffer and not sleep without dreaming.” 
-Gregorio Marañón-
woman jumping for joy

I want to experience everything

I want to experience everything, without fear of suffering. I want to know love, to enjoy the small and great pleasures of life. I want to laugh at a good joke and have my day brightened by the smile of a child. I don’t want to leave anything out. I don’t want to miss anything.

After many years and many experiences, I have come to understand that life goes fast. That our time here is only temporary. So why spend those days worrying, sad, angry or whining?

“I felt once more an enormous desire to live when I discovered that the true meaning of life was the one I wanted to give it.”
Paulo Coelho

From now on I want my days to be good, full of new things. Because why does it matter if yesterday was a bad day, that it was cloudy and that I was sad? I don’t want today to be like yesterday. I don’t want negative thoughts to flood my life.

How to live and experience everything

1. Take advantage of every new moment that life offers you.

Be aware of the small and big moments you are experiencing, take advantage of them to the fullest, and enjoy them without thinking about tomorrow. Are you surrounded by your people, enjoying a coffee shop among laughter? Be aware of it and enjoy it. Did you receive a lovely letter today? Take advantage of the good moments. Bad moments come on their own.

“Every moment is golden for those who know how to see if as such.”
-Henry Miller-

2. Change your attitude.

Why don’t you change your attitude? Have things not gone your way today? Tomorrow is a new day. Have you had problems with your friends or at work? Don’t give them importance. Life is like a game in which you have to arrange and draw different challenges, big and small. Face them with bravery and feel proud of having overcome them.

3. Seek out your passions. 

Do you like sports, playing an instrument, listening to music, going to a concert, the smell of the ocean, enjoying the laughter of children? Don’t wait or think things like “I’ll do it some day” or “Let’s see if I’m lucky and it comes into my life”, seek it. Go on a search for the things that you’re passionate about and do it. You have nothing to lose.

woman with hands as heart

4. Don’t just let new things happen, encourage them to come your way.

Do you want to fall in love? Do you want new friends to appear that will bring positive things? Why don’t you try looking for them? If we do our part, if we seek these things, we have a better chance of them arriving. Surely with us sitting and waiting on our couch, they’ll never arrive.

5. Enjoy the small pleasures in your day to day .

Be aware that you can breathe, smell, smile, taste…So, laugh, eat a good piece of cake, enjoy the smell of fresh coffee, listen to the waves of the ocean. Live and fully experience each small pleasure in your day to day life.

6. Learn to live like a child.

Have you noticed how children live? They experience the moment, don’t think about tomorrow, laugh, enjoy things to the fullest when they’re happy… as if there was no tomorrow and without thinking about anything else. When they fall down, they cry for a bit and then they’re off to laugh once more with another adventure. Why don’t we learn from children’s spontaneity?

7. Enjoy with positive elderly people.

Has it ever happened to you that you were really worried and talked to your grandpa, and he gave you lesson about life through a story from his youth? Grandparents are a well of wisdom. They know about life and its secrets. They are capable of providing you with many things. Surround yourself with them.

Moral of the story: “Carpe diem,” “Seize the day!” Take advantage of the moment, because the bad ones come on their own. Remember that happiness is an attitude, so you can always build it. And to start, why don’t you play this song with the volume all the way up?