Walking Is Worth It, Even if You Fall

Walking Is Worth It, Even if You Fall

Last update: 07 November, 2016

Walk, walk, walk. Never get tired of walking, because that’s where you find your reason for being, your will to fight, the courage to not give up. Even if you fall down, get up and keep going. You deserve to squeeze every opportunity out of the life that two people decided to start for you.

We learn to walk soon after we’re born, and with that, we understand that to be able to walk, we need to learn how to maintain balance. In fact, you must have fallen over and over again, but someone was there to pick you up off the floor, over and over again. Falling down means you get to start over.

“People drown not because they fall in the river, but because they stay submerged in it.”

-Paulo Coelho-

And so it goes until walking becomes the action of moving one foot after the other without help. Suddenly, we get used to not falling down clumsily like we did when we were little. Instead of falling down physically, we learn what it means to fall down emotionally, and we have to struggle to find how to get up again.

I made a mistake, what’s the problem?

Maybe that happens because falling down hurts more than before and the burden gets bigger and bigger each time. We’re weighed down by the burdens of other disasters, by the force of other storms, by holes of nostalgia, and by goals we never finished due to mistakes we’ve made.

heart on back

You’ve been hurt, you’ve cried, you miss what can’t be anymore, you made a mistake and fell, but it’s okay. You can’t forget that, like Eduardo Galeano said, walking is worth it, even if you fall.

Damage isn’t enough to defeat anyone who believes in the possibility of healing. There will be more storms and more fires if you decide to sit and wait. More people will come to lift you up and occupy your thoughts so that you can stop missing what isn’t there anymore.

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. We’re all human, and as such, we reach our goals after overcoming failures, doubts, and weaknesses that ended up making us stronger. It’s good to keep looking at the horizon, but always believing you can learn from the word “no,” always believing in the virtue of knowing what the ground you walk on is made of.

“When you set out on your journey to Ithaca, pray that the road is long, full of adventure, full of knowledge.”

-Constantine P. Cavafy-

The only people who lose

In my few years of life, I’ve learned that nobody loses if they’re prepared to recognize what they gain during the most difficult times. Because you always win something, even when you hit rock bottom. You can do it if you’re able to utilize the earth to climb up the hole and get out.

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Nobody can be saved from an emotional fall, and I would dare to say that it’s absolutely necessary to experience one, because then you learn to wipe off your knees, heal your scrapes, and to move on from the experience. It’s true, some experiences are very difficult and the pain is terrible, but if you try to understand the signs from your body and face them, it’ll help you feel much better.

If you fall, it’s because you were walking

The victories of your continuous efforts will be your badge of honor, the place where you always come out more alive. The risk falling is worth all the other emotions that you experience during the rest of the journey, and all the people who are there for you, waiting to see you smile.

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Walking is important. It’s finding your purpose in the world and giving yourself the opportunity to grow, to uncover your potential and believe in your dreams. It’s making new plans if the original ones didn’t work, it’s tasting the good and digesting the bad. You have to keep walking without giving up. You always can, you always should, you always have to think about yourself, and continue on.

“It’s not worth it to go through this world  without having given the least bit of taste to life.”

-Frida Kalho-

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