8 Reasons to Not Give Up on Love

8 Reasons to Not Give Up on Love
Sergio De Dios González

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Written by Okairy Zuñiga

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Being in love is one of the most pleasant experiences we can have. When you have love in your life, you feel happier and more joyful. 

That’s why today I’m going to share with you some excellent reasons to not give up on love.

“Don’t spend your time looking for someone with whom to sleep with, instead find someone worth waking up to.”

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Why should you not give up on love?

1. Because you never know when your ideal person may arrive 

That day might be today or next week, maybe you’ll need to wait a couple more years. But it’s worth the wait when that perfect moment arrives.

Just don’t obsess over it, because it’s not a race.

2. Because if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll be able to take advantage of the time spent being single to become the best version of yourself

Wouldn’t you like to offer the best of yourself to the correct person when the right moment arrives?

Stop thinking about the fact that you don’t have a partner and enjoy your time alone. So, when the right person comes along, you’ll be able to enjoy them fully, without feeling like you missed out on any experiences.

3. Because now you can give yourself the opportunity to discover new types of love that will improve your future relationship 

You have to learn to accept others as they are, even by giving the other person the necessary space to do their own things.

The love offered by your parents will give you a lot of confidence, while the love offered by your siblings will allow you to get to know complicity.

Experience these loves with all the intensity possible and learn to show your feelings.

4. Because the best risk you can take in your life is love 

Though you may have been through many heartbreaks and stormy relationships, true love is wonderful.

Finding someone that will accompany and inspire you is a unique sensation. Now it may seem like a difficult challenge to achieve, but maybe you’re simply on the journey towards finding the right person.

5. Because life is unpredictable and you never know when love might be staring you in the face 

Even when it may seem that it’s not a good time to be in a relationship or you feel that you’re not ready, the right person may come along.

Always keep yourself open to the options that present themselves, even more so when it comes to love.

6. Because life is not only about work and money 

If the reason you want to give up on the search of love is that you think it would be better to concentrate on creating your future, you’re wrong.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to have a healthy economy or a promising future, but what good is a future if you’re spending it alone?

Give yourself the opportunity to find someone with whom to share these facets of your life.

7. Because though it may hurt, it’s better to live intensely than to have a plain life 

Don’t fool yourself, love can hurt. Sometimes there will be fights, fears, disappointments and deception. But there’s another side to it, the side of company, complicity, and happiness.

8. Because when you look at things with love, everything is more beautiful

The world is full of negative things. You can always find motives to stop believing in others. When you change your attitude and start looking for love and happiness, soon everything will become brighter. You still won’t be able to rid yourself of unpleasant news, but you can sweeten them a bit. 

Give yourself the chance to live a full life with love by your side. If the right person hasn’t arrived, enjoy what you have now.

Though you may not believe it, the most memorable and eternal loves arrive just when you least expect them. Focus on yourself and start living your life without forgetting about love.

“Don’t seek love, because it resides within you. What you should seek is someone worthwhile with whom to share it.”

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