This Video Will Teach You to Value Yourself

This Video Will Teach You to Value Yourself

Last update: 15 November, 2022

Have you ever thought about your own worth? Or does your life move so fast that you don’t even have time to do so? Maybe you have never stopped to think about your value, or maybe, when you do, you only focus your attention on the negative aspects, just like what happens to the protagonist of this video.

How we value ourselves is something that affects everything we do. From our personal relationships to our job performance. It’s all, in one way or another, influenced by the image we have of ourselves.

What is self-esteem?

There are many conceptions and theories about self-esteem. Carl Rogers, a humanistic psychologist, defines self-esteem as the basic core of one’s personality. At the same time, he defends the idea that many of the problems that we have are no more than a logical consequence of the scorns and ratings we give ourselves, considering ourselves unworthy of receiving love.

On the other hand, the psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden affirms that self-esteem is the possibility and experience of leading a significant life, where feelings of personal capability and worth are determining factors.

A more recent theory is one put forth by psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos, who defines self-esteem as the feeling of appreciation or rejection that results from the overall assessment we make of ourselves.

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Almost all psychological problems are closely related to low self-esteem. There is nothing that has more power over us than the way we judge ourselves. And if we do so negatively, this will create a kind of mental prison in which we will be incarcerated by our own thoughts.

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