Turn Your Life Around in Just Four Weeks

Turn Your Life Around in Just Four Weeks

Last update: 10 December, 2015

None of us wants to life a negative life in which we feel blocked and unhappy, but sometimes our daily routine leads us to not be aware of whether or not “we are really doing it right or not.” 

Living in such a rushed and mechanical way has its consequences. Among those consequences is a lack of attention to life itself.

“Your body is a temple of nature and of the divine spirit. Keep it healthy; respect it; study it; allow it its own rights.”
-Henry F. Amiel- 

Today I propose to you to take the first step towards a new life in which the words “enjoy” and “quality” rule your day to day life. The following basic, simple steps will allow you to turn your life around in a positive way in just four weeks. 

Week One: Work on Habits and Physical Health 

Wake up early, around 6 in the morning. This will allow you to make use of extra time that you never have during the day and dedicate yourself to tasks and pending commitments before beginning your work day.

Eat a light and healthy diet. If you want to truly make a change in your life, you need a lot of energy. It is important to be constantly listening to what your body is telling you and setting reachable goals to eliminate toxins in your diet. In doing so, you will help your body by nourishing it with healthy, light, and appealing foods.

Exercise. This is one of the most recommended habits. Exercising helps you have a toned body, both in physical shape and also internal health. It will also allow you to have a healthy and balanced mind. It is said that movement is life. Therefore, in order to truly wake up to life, your body needs to move.

tying shoelace turn your life around

Week Two: Clean Your Environment  

Clean the spaces around you. Remove anything from your immediate environment that is not useful in your day to day life. Don’t leave things around that are physical obstacles or that hinder you as you move about your day. Learning to let go of the past is essential; get rid of those things that you no longer need. At this point, it is also good to try to work things out with those people whose company may be negatively affecting you in some way.

Week Three: Organize Your Goals and Dreams 

Organize your plans. Make a list and follow it. If you also had a list from last week that you didn’t complete, revisit it and see what you still need to do. Get to work on those things that have to do with your dreams and your goals.

Follow through on your plans for each day. Before going to sleep at night, make a new plan for the next day. Don’t worry if it is either very simple or very extensive. The important part of this step is simply having a plan and increasing your motivation. Ask yourself the following questions: Am I on the right path to getting this done? Do I like where I am taking myself with these goals?

“I was born again when my soul and my body fell in love and were married.”
-Khalil Gibran- 

writing in journal turn your life around

Week Four: Broaden Your Comfort Zone 

Dare to live differently. Look at something that is part of your everyday routine and ask yourself this question: What could I be doing differently right now?  Integrate the habit of trying and experimenting something different every day of your life. This will help your everyday existence be something more than just empty routine without motivation.

Get out of your comfort zone. If you are practicing the above mentioned step, you will be slowly leaving your personal comfort zone each day. Challenge yourself even more to go beyond that by confronting your fears and overcoming each one of it.

Rest is essential. This is the Achilles heal of life for many of us. I have learned that rest and learning to disconnect every now and then are essential if you want to live a full life.

I invite you to make these simple habits part of your daily life. Turn your life around and allow yourself to feel fulfilled and at peace. You will be forging your path to the future in just four weeks.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.