Three Tips to Help You Increase Your Charisma

The good news is, if you want to increase your charisma, you can do it. It's a skill that's cultivated internally. Furthermore, it can open many doors for you in the outside world. It's worth learning about.
Three Tips to Help You Increase Your Charisma

Last update: 27 November, 2021

It’s always possible to increase your charisma. That’s because it’s not an ability you’re born with. In fact, without realizing it, you’ve probably been learning and deploying it throughout your life.

Charisma involves the ability to generate a positive and lasting impression on others, even if you don’t have direct contact with them. It’s a subtle quality by which you attract attention and generate credibility and acceptance with your attitude.

There’s often an active inner world behind this kind of ability. It’s reflected in your way of saying, doing, and behaving on the social plane. It generates a certain effect on others and facilitates the flow of your relationships with them. In fact, it all sounds rather wonderful, but how do you develop it? How do you increase your charisma? Here are some tips.

Charisma is a fancy name given to the knack of giving people your full attention .”

-Robert Brault-

A woman talking to a man about increasing charisma.

1. Invest in yourself

To increase your charisma, you must invest in yourself. When we say investment we refer to both the classical and symbolic meaning of the word. Therefore, it mainly involves your internal processes, but they must be reflected externally.

To start with, investing in yourself means dedicating time to yourself. In other words, to make time to be with yourself, observe yourself, think about yourself, become aware of your needs, and look after yourself. Indeed, it might seem obvious, but in reality, there are many people who spend most of their time thinking about everything except themselves.

Investment in yourself also involves taking care of your appearance. This doesn’t mean dressing in the latest fashion or undertaking rigorous beauty regimes. In fact, it means paying attention to the way you look and personalizing it. Wear what you want, have your hair just the way you like it, and use accessories that define you as an individual. This is another point that seems rather obvious, but there are so many people just trying to look like everyone else.

2. Improve your opinion about yourself

To increase your charisma, you must have a good opinion of yourself. If not in everything, certainly in the tangible elements. In fact, in reality, not every fully confident person has charisma, nor does every insecure person lack it. This quality goes beyond that.

When you possess charisma, you have deep convictions in some aspects, even if not in all. Your firm beliefs end up projecting an indefinable light and you develop a special kind of aura. That glow is the seed of charisma.

Your convictions about what you are, what you think, and what you feel form a warm and trusting atmosphere around you. In fact, the work begins inside you and ends up being perceptible outside.

Therefore, improving your opinion of yourself begins with knowing yourself and knowing what you believe in. However, this isn’t enough. As a matter of fact, you must commit to these convictions. In this way, they’ll end up being a strength and increase your charisma.

Man thinking very serious

3. Work on your gaze

Body language communicates much more than the word itself. That’s because it’s more spontaneous and never worked out in advance. In fact, you’re always talking with your body and, in particular, with your gaze. Furthermore, your gaze will often transmit feelings that perhaps you can’t really rationalize, yet you feel.

For example, an evasive look usually suggests that someone’s hiding or that they’re feeling embarrassed. At the opposite extreme is the fixed gaze, which usually communicates a message of defiance or aggressiveness. A frank and natural look is an attentive look, receptive to the other and at the same time friendly.

Since you can’t observe your own gaze, you need to work on what you feel inside so that it’s reflected outside. Think about the way you look at others and try to identify what your eyes are saying as you do so. Hopefully, you’ll find some valuable clues about how you relate to others.

Increasing your charisma can help expand and improve your relationships with others. It also helps you to be more influential and persuasive with those around you. In fact, the secret to being more charismatic is to be more genuine and confident in who you are and how you are.


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