There Are a Thousand Ways to Say I Love You

There Are a Thousand Ways to Say I Love You

Last update: 28 July, 2022

I love you. Those three words are so simple, but they are so hard to say. They can be expressed in different ways. Through a hug, worrying about each other, cooking their favorite meal, going to the theater to see a movie you don’t like, etc. Thus, an “I love you” is a hug, a moment of silence, questions that show the other person that we are listening to them, lending a hand when the person we love feels overwhelmed.

A feeling can be expressed through actions as well as words. However, we tend to think that we can only “speak” about a feeling through the use of language. This is not true, because if we pay attention to the attitudes of the other person, we can notice what they truly feel. There are thousands of ways of saying “I love you”, without having to use those three words.

What an “I love you” implies

When you are in a new relationship and have been around the block with this love thing quite a few times, you take a while to reveal your real feelings. We start with a shy “I like you” and only say “I love you” when we’re sure of our feelings.


We are exposed to the sensation of feeling vulnerable, sensitive and even “corny”. Thus, it seems that by revealing our feelings, we are putting the other person in a position that forces them to say the feeling is mutual. That is how the silence starts and is maintained, and days, weeks or even months can go by in this state.

While every single person has their own rhythm and pace to say “I love you,” the truth is that those three words hold within them much more than affection. They symbolize a commitment, a bet, a step that maybe we’re not yet willing to take, but that many times we would like to take.

How to say “I love you” without using those words

We are not made of stone, nor are we heartless, unfeeling robots. But, not expressing our feelings in words is a completely different topic. You might think that the only way to say to your partner, your parents, your friends or your grandparents that you love them very much is with those “three magic words”.

However, there are thousand of different ways to show that affection, love and caring. They are based on the attitudes we have towards others, in how we worry about them and want them to be okay. The actions in our day-to-day can express what we feel more than going to the extreme of constantly telling them “I love you”.


“How has your day been?” “Drive safely.” “Don’t forget to take a jacket.” “I made lasagna just the way you like it.” “You pick the movie.” “Did you sleep well?” “I’ll take the kids.” “Stay in bed, and I’ll bring you breakfast.” “That skirt looks great on you.” “I bought those cookies that you adore.” “You do want a ride?” “You did a great job!” “Dinner is simply delicious.” and the list goes on and on.

See how simple it is to show others that we care about them? Actions are as valuable as an “I love you” repeated among fears and prejudice. Surely you’ve heard the popular saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In this case we could say “a good attitude is good and improves when we accompany it with three simple words and actions that reflect what these words express.”

Saying “I like you” vs “I love you”

Many say that “I like you” is the step before “I love you.” Others say that the former implies a sense of possession and the latter a sense of giving yourself over. The truth is that one way or another, we are expressing what is happening within.


Don’t feel embarrassed or self-conscious to say either of these miraculous, unique, marvelous phrases. You will feel happy, and you’ll make the other person happy as well. Also remember that “words are weak against the wind”. For them to form a part of the foundation of a relationship, they need to be backed up by actions.

“I miss you.” “Take care.” “Have a good night.” “I was thinking about you.” “There is food ready in the oven.” “Let me know when you get home.” “Take an umbrella with you.” “Do you want a cup of coffee?”In which ways will you say I love you today?

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.