This Beautiful Short Teaches us That Love is Knowing How to be Present

This Beautiful Short Teaches us That Love is Knowing How to be Present
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

This beautiful short from the BBC teaches us that those who love and value those close to them know how to be present in body, mind, heart, and, above all, in intention. For example, every child holds the attention of that father or that mother who knows how to intuit needs, who validates with their looks, who embraces with their smiles, and who knows how to react at just the right moment.

The most famous British channel published a Christmas short last year that’s full of tenderness and intention. It will definitely make you long for the Christmas holidays. This little audiovisual work, of little more than two minutes, brings us the story of a 10-year-old girl and her father, a single-parent family immersed in the Christmas vortex, as any of us can be.

“The Supporting Act” is a short film that reminds us of the importance of dedicating time and attention to our loved ones, the value of knowing how to be present in the midst of the maelstrom of our complex lives.

T his short by the BBC has become a viral phenomenon for several reasons. The first is because of its visual charm, its technical expertise and those wonderful digital resources that have the power to make the story come to life. The second reason is obvious: the message it conveys invites us to reflect and self-evaluate …

If love is knowing how to be present, are we doing well with our own loved ones?

BBC short

A Christmas greeting with a message

The creative team at the BBC triumphed last year with its short film, where they carefully constructed the musical accompaniment to the maximum. In addition, the well-known puppet makers MacKinnon & Saunders collaborated in this work. They have also worked with Tim Burton in popular films like “Frankenweenie” and “The Corpse Bride”. The producers also looked for something between the artisan and the sophisticated, where strength can be reflected in the emotional message.

“The Supporting Act” conveys a simple message: love is knowing how to be present. This is something we forget sometimes. Immersed as we are in our responsibilities and infinite daily tasks, we neglect the most important things.

In this story, you’ll meet a vivacious and tremendously charming 10-year-old girl. The little girl is very excited about a Christmas talent show she is going to participate at in her school. She’ll have to complex choreography in the show which she doesn’t stop rehearsing, and she practices at every moment and almost anywhere.

So, in each scene where our gaze is hypnotized by the skillful moves of the child, we are witnesses to another reality. We see the father of our protagonist always busy, busy, with his eyes fixed on his cell phone, on household chores, on shopping, on Christmas decorations …

The daily pressures and those responsibilities that define and accompany us all often eclipse what happens before our eyes, in the face of what really demands our attention

two people dancing

To love is to be present and to know how to react at the precise moment

We all love our parents, our brothers, significant others, children, and friends. However, it’s not enough to feel, we must make ourselves present, make love a channel of growth and a valuable and intuitive tool, where we can validate, where we can help, make people laugh, comfort, console, and generate happiness. A lot of happiness.

The father of our short is present, but most of the time his presence is a clear absence for that girl who craves his support, a word of admiration, of joy or even a little advice. The little girl needs her father to be part of her enthusiasm, the echo of her dream and the mirror of that moment in her life that, whether we like it or not, will never happen again.

This is what the BBC was looking to convey with the creation of this tender film. It wanted to wake us up from our daily lethargy of responsibilities and tasks (even more intense at Christmas) so we can see what is really important at this time, as well as any other: the people we love. They are our gift, so we must pay a lot of attention to them and support them in everything.

The answer that this father finally offers his daughter is unforgettable. Because, whether we believe it or not, he reacts on time and in the most admirable way possible. You must see this Christmas short, you’ll definitely enjoy it…

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