What Are Thinking Mistakes and How Can We Fight Them?

What Are Thinking Mistakes and How Can We Fight Them?

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Thoughts are the mental products that emerge from the ability we have as human beings to “work” with our mind. That is to say, to reflect upon or interpret everything that happens around us or within our inner world.

Human beings spend our days, hours and entire lives thinking. We evaluate what happens to us, and think about insignificant and even abstract things. Sometimes we even produce thoughts which embarrass us. At other times, we travel within our own minds to the past or the future.

It would be different if I thought “There is a dog barking” and immediately granted it the meaning “That means that it is mad, and it might attack me”. Here, the scenario changes completely. Because according to my thought, my survival or integrity is involved. This is dangerous, which means that I should activate the response of anxiety, with everything that this entails.

As you may have already guessed, with this mistake, you take everything personally. And this way, you end up feeling a great deal of anxiety, guilt, shyness, etc.

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