There's No Better Cure for Disease Than Laughter

There's No Better Cure for Disease Than Laughter

Last update: 19 August, 2022

For humans, laughter is as important as breathing. Leading a dull, sad life can be extremely difficult. It makes any illness not only harder to overcome, but in addition, it will stay with you and become increasingly more consuming.

Therefore, happiness is fundamental in our lives. Although we may not always be happy, it’s about making this the predominant feeling in our life, although we may have moments of other feelings such as sadness, but not chronically or in a stable fashion.

“Human happiness is generally not achieved with large windfalls, which may occur rarely, but with little things that happen every day.”  

-Benjamin Franklin

A practical guide to healing the negative with happiness

It’s not so easy to live in happiness in today’s day and age. Here are some tips that may prove to be helpful in gaining happiness in the majority of your life situations:

  • If you’re the type of person who goes through life dreaming of having a better life than you do currently, that means you’re not happy and you’re not taking advantage of the present time. All you have is the present, real and perennial. Your past should be used to learn and and your future to hope, but stay in the here and now.
  • Enjoy all the little things that constantly happen around you. Magnificent things are continually occurring. Although they may be tiny that does not make them any less significant. An unexpected smile, a nice gesture, a pleasant walk … There are a vast number of simple acts that can turn your life into a space for everyday happiness.
  • Love without asking for anything in return. It’s important to differentiate between when you love someone and when you’re constantly expecting something from them. If you give without asking for anything in return, the Universe itself will conspire in your favor for good things to happen to you. Have no doubt about it.
  • Appreciate and enjoy your loved ones. In a familiar and friendly atmosphere, it’s much easier to reach a state of happiness. When you’re surrounded by people who love you without pretenses, nothing can go wrong and you feel free to be yourself.
  • Always be patient. Remember that things aren’t going to come early no matter how much of a rush you may be in. That being said, to reach your goals, it’s not necessary to rush to be first one. It’s important to do it in just the right moment. To do so it’s good to avoid stress, unnecessary tension and nerves that only lead to unhappiness.
  • Stand up to adversity with a smile.  Healing the effects of everything negative that happens to you on a daily basis can be relatively easy if you never let yourself be in a mood. Always remember that kindness and a healthy and positive attitude can open many more doors than strict orders and forcefulness.
  • Try to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes when facing difficult situations, it can feel like the whole world is toppling over on you. But if you enter in a state of panic, rest assured that you’ll create a huge snowball effect in your head that will only get bigger if you let it.
  • Face the bad. When you radiate happiness and good vibes, armed with a perennial smile and a bullet-proof sense of humor, no one will be able to stand against you. It’s important to not flee from negative situations. The longer you spend avoiding them, the harder they’ll be to face.
  • Do good. There’s nothing more suited to fight bad than good. They’re opposites that seem to need each other as if they were different sides of the same coin, but that’s really not the case. Good doesn’t have an opposite.
  • Be supportive. No matter with whom – it’s not just the people we know and love that we should be helping. A person living in a world of happiness will not look at the face of the person they wish to help. They’ll do so without asking for anything in return, and will feel great about it. This is a fantastic remedy for evil.

“Happiness is not doing what you want but wanting what you do.”  
-Jean Paul Sartre

Remember these tips whenever you feel like evil is beginning to gain ground in your life. Don’t forget the power of happiness and use it to face any negativity that may be unsettling you.

Images courtesy of Claudiatremblay

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.