The Reasons Why I Love Myself

The Reasons Why I Love Myself

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Here I am in front of the mirror, observing and feeling myself. Forcing this situation that in every other way is very hard for me. Silently, I observe the reflected image and see myself. There’s a combination of the same and of different things in every human being, but every time it’s authentic and unrepeatable. That’s who you are and that’s who I am.

I’m prepared to travel to the deepest corner of my being, to be honest with myself and give myself all of the love I often times forget to give. I always hope others give me this love instead, but I’m always disappointed, because it doesn’t work that way.

Because it’s just like Oscar Wilde said, “The best love story is the one you have with yourself.”

That’s why I sought out this moment alone with myself, to say everything I’ve never said. I love myself. It sounds strange and indescribable, but I go on. Maybe it’s the unfamiliarity, and I just have to be more enthusiastic.

I love myself!

I love myself, because I’m a unique and unrepeatable person. There’s no one like me, just like there’s no one like you. We might have some things in common, but no two people are the same.

I love myself, just like I love everything that comes out of me and all of which I keep within. Though sometimes I do so very unconsciously.

I love myself the way I am, with my virtues and my defects, my potential qualities and those that I’m still trying to improve.

I love myself. So it’s implied that I love my whole body, just how it is and everything I can do with. What I perceive, hear, feel, taste and smell.

I also love my mind, and all of the thoughts and feelings that it generates. Whatever they may be.

I love and accept myself, so that I can move towards knowing myself in the most sincere and subtle way I can. And so I can look for solutions with hope and bravery for each one of my difficulties, if it’s even possible. And if it’s not, I accept the infinite possibilities that life wants to present to me.

By loving myself, I’ve learned to see crises and problems as opportunities and not as setbacks. I observe what happens around me, what I think and feel, and I discover the lessons it contains, holding myself responsible for it.

I love myself, and therefore I know that within me I have all of the resources and tools I need to survive. I just have to discover them beyond my barriers. And I can’t find them, I’ll learn them.

I love myself and my emotions. I love the joy, guilt, sadness, fear. I love all of the emotions I experience, because I know that each one of them is showing me something in order to keep getting to know and work on myself and experience life.

I love myself. And not just myself, but all of my dreams, illusions, hopes and challenges. I’m aware that they all form a part of who am I. My successes and also my failures. Maybe there’s was no other way I could do it due to my circumstances, but I can always look for alternatives if the situation requires it.

I love myself and that’s why I don’t compare myself, because it does my no good. Comparing people or situations does no good, because I haven’t lived through what you have and you haven’t lived through what I have. And that’s why the situations are different. Everyone lives them based on their experiences.

I love myself. I know there are still aspects I don’t know about myself. But I’m willing to discover and build upon them.

I love myself, in the most sincere and real way there is, unconditionally. And that’s why I take care of, forgive and allow myself to enjoy my life.

I love myself, and by doing so I can love you, him, her and everyone else…

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