The Power of "I Love You"

The Power of "I Love You"

Last update: 08 September, 2016

Whenever we talk about love, we usually do in the first person, by addressing our emotions. When someone says “I love you” to you, you know what you feel, but there is more. How does a phrase that is so simple yet so complex at the same time make you feel?

An “I love you” is not three simple words that can be used randomly, without depth and without feeling. They have a huge emotional weight that goes beyond the moment, as they can change your life.

An “I love you” is life-changing

When you say I love you to a person, you are showing a very important side of your feelings. You are saying that this being is as important to you as you are to yourself, so should it not be used in a trivial way.

We must never forget that an “I love you” not only raises feelings in the other person, but also can change them. Hence the responsibility to use it with wisdom, good sense and, above all, love.

romantic couple kissing

Because when someone tells you “I love you”, if they really feel it, it comes from the heart, and  it can  change your life forever because it has tremendous power.

A real “I love you” changes your whole world

Your world can change dramatically when someone tells you they love you. Therefore, not only does it reflect feelings, but it also affects your personality and your own life.

When someone loves you, when you feel loved, everything in your life seems much brighter, nicer, more attractive and beautiful. Your reality is illuminated in a way that only love can cause.

By living in a world of love, all that is around you is covered with it. Suddenly, the people around you, even those you do not particularly like start to become better. You see everything with much more optimism.

The fact that you feel more optimistic makes the things around you change for the better. In fact, it will directly affect the lives of people who matter to you, since you will be more sympathetic, supportive and patient.

Because love changes lives, worlds and existences. Therefore, an “I love you” not only makes you feel better, it also makes you better, and that’s something really valuable and beautiful.

“Come to bed with me: we will not make love, it will make us”

-Julio Cortazar-

An “I love you” can also make you miserable

However, an “I love you” also can make you unhappy. If they come out of empty lips without feeling it can cause a profound sadness.

“The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting beside her and know that you can never have her”

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez-

An “I love you” is wonderful because it fills the soul, spirit and heart. But whenever it lacks meaning and substance, conversely, it causes feelings of frustration, heartbreak, sadness and pain.

I love you because you make me better

When someone loves you, they make you a better person because they bring happiness and love, and that is able to fill the soul of every human being with joy.

Love is a wonderful thing that is able to change the lives of people. If it doesn’t feel wonderful, you can be sure that it is not love that you are experiencing.

Do not forget that when you give love, you are not just changing your own life, but also that of others.

woman's feet on top of man's feet

A loving and happy person is able to positively affect the lives of their family, friends, work environment and everyone around them in their daily life.

It is therefore very important that when love appears in your life, you let it happen. It will allow you to be a better person, happier and more fulfilled, and that is transferred to others.

Never forget the power of an “I love you.” It has an enormous capacity to change lives for the better everywhere. So never stop loving, and allow yourself to be loved with all your soul so that together you can create a world that gets a little better each day.


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