The Hashtag #istayathome: Make Your Home a World of Opportunities

Individual acts are essential for the common good. The hashtag #istayathome is more than an act of civility and responsibility; it can give us an exceptional opportunity to make our home an area of connection and opportunities that we should be taking advantage of.
The Hashtag #istayathome: Make Your Home a World of Opportunities
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Make your home a world of possibilities, a setting for a magical time with your loved ones and your hobbies. Read, play, enjoy good movies, talk, sleep, look those you love in the eye, and, above all, be responsible. It’s time to take care of yourself, protect others, and identify with the hashtag #istayathome that’s already gone viral.

Let’s face it. Few could have foreseen that 2020 would have had so many challenges in store for us. Millions of people around the world have been stopped in their noisy and seemingly unstoppable tracks due to an enemy that we can only see with microscopes. It’s smaller than bacteria and yet as intelligent as a living being. Because it craves survival, to conquer the greatest number of cells that it can, and to multiply.

Perhaps, in a way, our already feared and detested coronavirus is rather similar to us. We could invent a thousand metaphors about it, but, in reality, all we want is for it to stop advancing. We long to know how it works, and we dream of designing a vaccine and protecting ourselves from it forever.

It’s clear that we’ll achieve this eventually. Our world has brilliant, exceptional professionals who deserve more recognition than they receive.

Our scientists will surely succeed in designing several vaccines but, in the meantime, we’re sailing on these uncertain waters, full of fear. It’s a journey in which we all have to sail in the same direction and be responsible.

Staying at home to contain the rate of infection is our main task right now.

The coronavirus.

The hashtag #istayathome – it’s not holiday time, it’s time for connection and responsibility

Each country has its own hashtag for #istayathome. They all reflect more than just a common purpose – it’s a duty. As Alexander the Great said, “On one’s own conduct depends the fate of the majority”, and, in this situation, our individual behavior must go beyond even our government’s decisions.

The goal is simple and decisive at the same time. We must reduce the number of daily infections so that our health services don’t implode. This way, the sick can receive proper care and we can avoid, as far as possible, the drama that’s currently unfolding in Italy.

Our responsibility also goes a little further than that. The hashtag #istayathome also seeks to protect the most vulnerable sectors of the population, such as our elderly, people with chronic diseases, and those with cardiac, respiratory, and other illnesses.

We live in times where a show of affection could mean the death of a loved one. Thus, we need to be consistent and responsible.

Decisions that say a lot about you right now

The hashtag #istayathome has become a motto and a new way of life. However, as we well know, not everyone has this option.

  • Therefore, we must thank all the health workers who can’t stay at home. They’re always our unsung heroes, and more than ever these days.
  • We must also thank those who ensure that we lack nothing on a daily basis: producers, farmers, transporters, cashiers, stockists, and pharmacists.
  • In addition, we should thank all those people who have decided not to leave their city. Unfortunately, as we’ve recently seen in Madrid, many have chosen to leave the city and travel to their holiday homes. These impulsive decisions will only serve to increase the number of infected people.
  • Likewise, we must look at another area. We need to think about all the children who are looking after their grandparents by not visiting them in these difficult times, decreasing the possibility that they’ll get sick.
A mother with her daughter.

You aren’t a prisoner in your home: your home can be a world of possibilities

The hashtag #istayathome must be more than just mere preventive confinement. This newly discovered behavior, in response to a big challenge, must be used for your own good.

You mustn’t live out your quarantine like the Count of Monte Cristo syndrome. Instead, be creative, receptive, original, and hopeful.

  • It’s time to turn your home into a world of possibilities for yourself and for others.
  • It’s an ideal scenario to discover, for example, that work is something wonderful that should be applied in a more significant way in many companies.
  • In addition to that, it’s also an exceptional opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner, children, friends, family, and even neighbors (but staying at home, of course!)
  • Now, more than ever, you can take some time to read all those books you’ve been wanting to read. And what about all those movies that you can discover or rediscover?
  • You can devote time to your neglected hobbies such as painting, writing, or music.
  • You shouldn’t forget that many artists are sharing their work online for the general public and that many museums provide tours through social networks to entertain us with their culture these days.

To conclude, we know that we’re living in difficult times. Uncertainty is now a companion of life that we must get used to. The good news is that we also have the capacity to be supportive. By working together and trusting our values and civic sense, we’re sure to overcome this situation successfully.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.