Ten Tips to Simplify Your Life and Have More Free Time

Ten Tips to Simplify Your Life and Have More Free Time

Last update: 28 August, 2020

To successfully simplify life yields many benefits. If you think about it, we often spend our days in activities that are trivial and unsatisfying. This doesn’t need to happen. Our time is valuable and we need to make the most of it.

We get so involved with our duties that sometimes we forget the simple pleasures that we deny ourselves just because we don’t have time. We live by the clock and by our worries. We become unaware of the fact that sometimes a more simple life is the answer to our worries.

“Simplicity is the great charm of all power”

-Louisa May Alcott-

To simplify life we just need to use our common sense. Saving time where we can and dedicating it to what’s more deserving. To help you in this goal, I propose 10 solutions that might work for you.

Tips for simplifying life at home

There are a few bits of advice that will save you some of the time allocated to cleaning the house. A large part of simplifying life is to do with not having to invest time, effort or attention in domestic tasks, which take up so much energy.

Shoes by door

To keep the floor clean for more of the time, there’s nothing better than avoiding getting it dirty. And the best way of doing this is leaving shoes by the door. This is an old custom, still practised in some places. The truth is that it’s very practical. Additionally, walking barefeet or in socks is very relaxing and contributes to the health of the feet.

Another tip is always to eat on a tray. It’s very easy for crumbs or bits of food to fly around. It’s always much simpler to clean a tray than a whole area of the house. This will simplify life in the home.

A More Simple Style of Life

It’s important to revalue the periods of time we spend in the home. If we live alone, then it’s because this is the space in which we can centre ourselves again. If we live with others, then it’s because this is a meeting space. Simplifying life is more effective when we give greater value to this time at home.

The first way of doing this is to disconnect, as much as possible, from communication devices. This includes television, telephones and computers. It’s better to reserve time to conserve, to read or simply to relax properly.

Another useful tip to simplify life is to do a weekly evaluation to establish if working practices are working well or not. What activities should be abolished or done in minimal time? How can we optimize methods for doing tasks more fluidly?

Clear Finances Simplify Life

Money is something that often captures our attention, our time and our energy. There’s nothing better for simplifying life than having one’s accounts in order. This means clarifying finances. The monthly written budget isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. Life becomes much more organized and calm when we know how much we have and that we’re in control.

Piggy bank to simplify finances


Similarly, it’s key to keep paying debts as a priority. It’s a topic that can bring huge emotional burden. It’s important to have a plan of acttion to pay what we owe, we hope in the short term.

Simplicity for Preserving Health

Unless your job demands image management, you don’t need to obsess about going to the gym every day for your appearance. Going running or walking for half an hour won’t cost you a lot and will make your life much more pleasurable. 

It’s also good to practice some kind of relaxation technique or familiarize yourself with practices like yoga To replace battling insomnia or stress with pills or pure stamina, these types of strategies and activities are a good alternative. Much more efficient in the long term and more sastifying in the moment.

Personal Life Can Also Be Simplified

The best advice for simplifying a person’s life is to completely forget about trying to change other people, or the world. Focus solely on the changes you make in yourself. Worry about being a good example, if you want the world to be better. Nothing, and no one, is going to change just because of your dislike.

To simplify life man stands on rock

Futhermore, it’s important to do one retreat a year. Go for a few days somewhere far away that’s not familiar to you. This will reoxygenate, relax and help you to sense what’s not going well, what you can strenghten and what you can improve.

If you achieve the simplification of life, you will gain a lot. First and foresmost, tranquility. When we achieve internal stability, everything begins to become more simple and doable. We have just one life and it’s better to take care that we don’t waste it away on things that just aren’t worth it.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.