The Sun Always Shines After The Storm

The Sun Always Shines After The Storm

Last update: 13 June, 2016

As trite and cliché as it may sound, the sun will always shine again in a blue, wonderful, radiant sky. No matter how strong the storm was, the amount of lightning that hit the ground, or the how much water it left. Afterwards, the light comes again to illuminate the darkness.

Just as we say that the sun always shines after a storm, we can make reference to the famous light at the end of the tunnel. Do not worry if right now everything in your life is dark, and you are unable to see anything other darkness everywhere. Don’t lose hope. Look ahead, do not despair or slow down your firm walk, because finally with one good step, the path lights up again.

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The sun after the storm

Besides, the sun after a storm offers one of the most beautiful lights there is. Once the darkness has passed from the rain, the clouds drop from the sky, the earth smells humid, the heat nibbles on your shoulders, and you look happily toward the horizon, because you’ve survived the bad weather, and are now enjoying a magnificent day.

No storm lasts forever. But it is true that after each one we are much stronger. We have faced the eye of the hurricane and we have overcome it, and are now tougher, wiser and more prepared.

Don’t ever be afraid of the storm, because you have to know that after bad weather the sun always comes out to light your way. That moment of light and wonderful calm that is more enjoyable after a bad time that had passed.

“Birds know that winter doesn’t last forever and that, after the storm, the first seed to sprout is the sun.”

– Francisco Morales Santos-

Fearing the storm

Many people live in constant fear of the storm. They think that in life, everything will be rain, bad weather, lightning, thunder and darkness. But it’s not true. Nature is wise, and is able to give us the right amount of just a little bit of everything.

A human being is a child of nature; of this mother earth that watches us as we are born, grow and learn. Why should we be different? Why do we have to let the storm be the major protagonist of our life? Why suffer an eternal rain of unhappiness and pain?

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If nature itself is able to find the balance between water and sun, we should not be any different, as we are one if its products. We just need the necessary tools to survive the storm. We must take advantage of the obstacle we have successfully overcome and enjoy the wonderful sun that comes after bad weather.

“Thus the weeks went by very heavily, until one day the news came, cheering the hearts the way the sun brightens the sky after the storm.”

-Louisa May Alcott-

Tools to overcome a storm

Have you ever thought about the tools needed to survive a storm? Actually, they’re not so hard to find. However, too often we have decided to complicate things, and thus it is impossible to overcome the rain without getting wet.

An umbrella is absolutely necessary in a storm. Although sometimes the storm may be too powerful, it will always protect us, within its means, from water pouring relentlessly and trying to wet every pore of our skin.

A roof is the best option to overcome a storm. Remember that the stronger the foundation of your home, the less likely your house will collapse during the fierce storm. Avoid dampness, leaks and poor workmanship.

A strong will is also vital before the jaws of the storms. A strong desire to live, to overcome it and not let the water carry away and clean more than what you really want and need to go away.

Remember who your umbrella is in life. Who are the people that make up your home. Where is your will to overcome the storm and see the sun that warms the moist ground after the thunder and lightning. And now, go and hug them for being there, always by your side, protecting you in bad times so you can experience the good and enjoy the light.


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