Explore Your Dark Side to Regain Control of Yourself

Explore Your Dark Side to Regain Control of Yourself

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Do you have feelings that you detest? Do you do things that you are ashamed to talk about? Is there a part of you that you would like to eliminate? Do you want things that you hate to admit? We all have a dark side that we are afraid to face.

Your dark side does not understand good intentions, compromise, or doing what it is supposed to do. It stays oppressed, but growing, looking for a way to come out. What many people don’t realize is that exploring you dark side will allow you to regain control of yourself, to understand and know yourself.

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What does your dark side feed on?

The dark side of your mind feeds on misery and self-destruction, on everything that you deny yourself, on all those desires that do not manage to take shape.

Your unsatisfied needs produce negative emotions that feed it. If you do not manage to give those needs an outlet, those negative emotions will keep helping the worst in you grow and they will make you believe that that is the true version of yourself or maybe even the only one.

There are many things that you know you must not do because they are bad for you, and still you do them. You know that you must not smoke, that you must not give in to fatty foods, that you must not yell at your partner or your children, that you must not feed useless arguments that lead nowhere…but you do it anyway.

Good intentions are not enough for your dark side, either. Either you take action and stop feeding it or it will take over the best of you.

What does your dark side need?

In order to stop feeding your dark side, you must know what it is that you like most. This feeds on negative psychological attachments, those feelings that make you cling with all your might to a prior state that causes you anguish.

These negative attachments stop you from feeling safe, well adjusted, and strong. They are expressed through rejection, humiliation, betrayal, and feelings of uselessness and failure.

Head inside Head...

All of that negativity feeds the darkest part of your psyche, which grows with your negative feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, with the influence of toxic people that you had and still have in your life.

Each time that something negative happens in your life or each time that you remember something that you do not like, your darkest side comes out to shine, which hangs onto that negativity as if it had all rights to it, as if there were no longer an escape, and so, you attract even more misery, self-destruction, and negativity with which to feed it.

How do you confront your dark side?

The solution to facing the dark side of your mind is consciously training it. There are things that cannot be eliminated, but those that you can, should be confronted and you should become familiar with them. The greatest challenge is delving into your mind and illuminating all that is hidden within it.

The dark side hides much more than unfulfilled desires, frustrated aspirations, or broken dreams, but only you yourself can dive into it and explore.

Each time that negativity comes up in your life, each time that you feel like something sinister tries to take over you, this is when you must try to discover why, without feeling shame.

You have to accept that there is a dark side of your mind that is there, and that it is not going to fade away just because you want to repress it. Repression will only make it stronger, and with more strength, it will explode as soon as it has a chance.

Be brave. Be honest with yourself and try to release that negativity.

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Meditation can help you. Coaching can also be useful. Even through art, you can take the worst things that are hiding in your mind, channeling that negativity.

Only by doing what your dark side is hiding will you be able to regain control of your life and learn to manage the negativity so that it does not control you.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.