Sometimes You Win and Others You Learn

Sometimes You Win and Others You Learn

Last update: 03 August, 2016

They say that losing doesn’t count as losing if you learn from it, and that’s completely true. You’ll only be beaten if you allow it: if you don’t, you take advantage of that loss to learn something new about yourself, what you’re missing, and what you have too much of.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. No one has ever gone through life without knowing defeat. In fact, many of life’s greatest feats have been an escalation of failures building up until they became a rounding success. Isn’t that how the greatest discoveries and achievements of mankind have come about?

Precisely what makes triumph so sweet is the difficulty that it implies. Nobody savors a success they achieved without having to fight for it. You might be able to boast of your good luck, but you can’t take pride in your accomplishment, because an accomplishment only is only achievable through a combination of talent and effort.

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