Sometimes, Forever Lasts Only a Second

Sometimes, Forever Lasts Only a Second

Last update: 28 July, 2022

There are moments that are saved in our memories forever, even if they only lasted an instant. Seconds that we do not want to end and that take our breath away. Have you experienced one of those magical moments? The kind where a second turns into an eternity.

We know that “forever” does not exist; it is an illusion. Just like us, everything around us is ephemeral. Paradoxically, an instant can turn into something eternal for us. This is something that goes beyond the physical laws of the universe; these are transcendental, metaphysical moments.

Even a skeptical person could experience these moments that are inexplicable. This happens very commonly in love, for it is particular in inspiring enthusiasm, passion, and hope. They are instances that we remember forever. No matter how many years go by, we can recall that instance, with that person, at any time.

An eternity is formed of instants that managed to caress our soul.

Eternal moments

These moments that last eternities in our mental and emotional memory are the ones that give the greatest meaning to our lives. Do you remember one of those instances? Down to the finest detail, you can return to the scene: what you felt, a look, a touch, a kiss, a heart out of control, a sound, an image. A magical instant captured by all of your senses.

We go back to our chores, routine, highs and lows, responsibilities, habits, hurries, decisions, and yet none of this is capable of erasing those moments that have marked our lives, that we have engraved in our retinas. They remain intact, imperturbable by any new situation.

This is what life is made of — instants — and that that is why it is so important to live in the here and now without getting lost in the worries that occupy a large space in our mind. Being aware of this can help us place less importance on those matters that torment us and place greater value on those little details that increase our experience.

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“I believe in an everlasting life here. There are moments, you reach moments, and time comes to a sudden stop, and it will become eternal.”

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky-

Getting lost in the promise of forever

Who has never made a promise? Who can say that they never used the word “forever”? We promise love, care, attention, that we will always tell the truth, that we will always be loyal and we will always be happy. We get lost in words, without thinking about the power that they have and the hopes they feed.

All of these words and phrases end up losing value and meaning, for in the end, experience imposes itself and the letdowns start piling up one by one into the deepest part of our inner attic. We sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed by the pressure of circumstances, realizing that what we promised or what we were promised at some point no longer makes sense at this moment in time.

If we seek security in promises, we will end up running into the reality of disappointment . Holding to a “forever” is like putting a blindfold over your eyes so that you do not have to see reality, thus denying and rejecting our nature.

These messages have their own specific meaning at the moment that they are uttered, and it is necessary to understand that we are ephemeral beings, just like our behavior and everything that we think and that happens around us.

Let’s keep making magical moments

We are the responsible ones, the protagonists and creators of each one of our happiest moments. Everything that remains in our memories as unique and irreplaceable moments become sacred. The places that we go through, sensations that we experience, the real feeling that all of that would last forever…

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When we recall all of our moments of love while alone, there is a total satisfaction and conviction that it was worth it. The betrayals, the frustration , the hard feelings, the disappointment is something that passes, is forgotten, is diluted with understanding a new hopes.

When our energy keeps flowing from the present, being fully aware of that instant, and we do not get bogged down in the past, we are prepared to relive new experiences full of magical moments. Ready to incorporate into our repertoire of what really made sense in our existence.

Moments, people, situations, places. Magical moments live in our experience, in our decisions and attitude. Everything that has the potential to change our inner world gains a special, unique meaning. For this, it is essential for us to be receptive to said changes. So, are you prepared to incorporate magical moments into your life?

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