Small Adults: Children Know Things That Adults Ignore

Small Adults: Children Know Things That Adults Ignore

Last update: 28 July, 2022

They are only children, but they grow and mature faster than expected. Although their bodies may be small and still developing, within them reside small adults who know much more than we think they do. Children suffer and live the same experiences as adults do. They have been pushed to acquire responsibilities that, at their age, still shouldn’t belong to them.

Many parents turn a blind eye towards the problems their children may face. Or, in other words, to the problems that they have and which affect these youngsters. Their frustrations, misfortunes, difficulties, all of this is projected towards their children. Because, according to the adults, children won’t notice anything.

“It’s easier to raise strong children than to repair broken adults.”
-Frederick Douglas-

Maybe you were a youngster who never felt the need to grow up ahead of time. Maybe you have never felt tackled by the complications and difficulties around you. But, many other children have no other choice. They can’t turn the other cheek and live out their childhood like a normal child would.

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