Silencing Our Emotions Poisons Our Souls

Silencing Our Emotions Poisons Our Souls

Last update: 28 July, 2022

We realize that we need to say it, but we hold it in. We know there is something within us fighting to come out, but we don’t allow it. Sadly, we are afraid of being rejected, scared of showing ourselves as vulnerable. We have feelings of shame which make us reconsider what we are feeling… However, we are not aware that silencing our emotions poisons our souls.

This type of attitude ends up becoming a constant for us. We will find ourselves deciding between “yes” and “no” every time we need to express what we are feeling. How many times have we felt guilty for not being brave enough to allow the words to flow from us? Without having to conceal them within? How deeply have we regretted not letting out what our souls were screaming? It might be time to take a certain phrase more seriously. One we all know, but which we oftentimes choose to ignore: “He who swallows a lot, ends up drowning”.

Silencing our emotions has a price

We have been told to silence our emotions from a very young age. We started holding back our tears when they needed to flow. Started avoiding expressing our true feelings because others might have rejected us. And rejection is bitter, and it hurts. Fear starts settling in inside of us in the form of a gag to our emotions and feelings.

sad women

“Sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep.”
-Francio J. Braceland-

We must speak up about our feelings

Silence is always mentioned as a feature of wisdom which allows us to listen to others, and to ourselves as well. It can help us hear our bodies, how they are reacting, and let them tell us what we need. However, in the end, it is important to express our feelings out loud.

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“We are not responsible for our emotions, but we are responsible for what we do with our emotions.”
-Jorge Bucay-

In our attempt to take charge of our emotions, we will end up losing control. Our emotions dominate us, they will get their way one way or another. Silencing our emotions is neither natural nor beneficial for our health. We must keep in mind that “He who allows himself to feel wins, even if he loses.”

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