Show Me You Love Me

Show Me You Love Me

Last update: 18 October, 2017

Show me you love me, not with words but with actions. Those beautiful words that pour from your mouth to delight my ears are no use to me. Don’t deceive me with them, don’t confuse me. If you truly love me, show me it with actions.

In the world of relationships, or rather the world of the expectations of relationships, disappointments are ever more commonplace. This problem is driven by the speed with which we begin our relationships, without waiting for the other person to show what they are really like. So we form a mistaken image of that person who then, over time, shows their true face.

I feel like I’m waiting for something which is never going to happen, however much time I give it.

Falling in love blinds us

We mustn’t forget that in the first stage of a relationship, falling in love blinds us. We are so excited about that person forming part of our life that we forget to look from any other perspective. Without meaning to and without wanting to, we are seeing the reality we want, not the reality that exists.

In these moments it seems that it isn’t necessary to prove anything. Everything is beautiful, there is a great need to see each other and spend time together. You want to get to know each other better and this thrills you, but it also becomes a smoke bomb if you keep your feet suspended in the air for too long.

show me you love me

It is also true that it is in these moments before a relationship begins that people show their best side. That’s not to say that they are lying, but perhaps they are embellishing their personality. That person who was so attentive and concerned for your well-being, suddenly stops being that way. Have they changed? Were they never really as I thought?

Show me you love me with actions. Only this way will your words have the value they deserve.

What is true is that neither of you will be mistaken in your assumptions. For your part, you may have created unrealistic dreams and expectations about the person you wanted to share your life with. Your partner may have employed certain techniques to get your attention that, later, they no longer needed.

Let’s not forget that when we meet someone, our objective is for them to notice us. If from the start everything makes us uncomfortable, it will be impossible to start a relationship. So, it’s not so much that people change over time, but rather that they no longer have the same incentive to show and give the best of themselves to get you to fall in love with them again.

Show your love with actions

The relaxation that comes after achieving getting together with the person we wanted means that, as the years go by, we no longer put our all into getting her to fall in love with us each day. Our shows of affection become less frequent and our loving words start to lack meaning. Everything has become a habit.

But love is demonstrated through actions, not empty words. That brush of hands, a sincere kiss for no reason, can help the members of a couple to know whether the affection and desire between them is still alive or not. And keep squarely in mind that this takes two.

If over the years you’ve been disappointed because your partner has changed, reflect on it and try to see the situation with some perspective. Perhaps you’ve formed an image of her that wasn’t real. All relationships change over time. Routine, sharing moments together, problems, everything has an influence.

There is a simple solution to all this: communication. It is necessary to talk about this situation, to see whether you’ve become separated from each other or what has happened to make you no longer show affection as you did before. Sometimes it feels shameful to talk about this issue, because perhaps it’s been a long time that you haven’t spoken about it. But it is very necessary.

Imagine if the person at your side completely forgot about you overnight. Would you be willing to win her heart over each day of your life?

It is also important to get some perspective with regard to your relationship so that you can see how it has evolved in a different way. Sometimes we aren’t aware that we’re disappointed by the other person because they no longer respect us, they mistreat us psychologically or they treat us indifferently. All this happens because this past full of dreams is still vivid in our mind.

show me you love me love

It is normal for people and relationships to change over time, so it is necessary to talk about the relationship and try to recover what made the person at our side fall in love with us. Because we shouldn’t relax, because nothing is for sure, and because if we made such an effort at one time, why not carry on doing so for the rest of our life?

Never forget, show me you love me, but with words that are supported in sincere, real actions.

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