This Short Film Will Make You Think About Destiny

This Short Film Will Make You Think About Destiny

Last update: 15 November, 2022

In most western and eastern cultures, destiny is associated with predestination. Now, within the Tao beliefs of Confucianism, the karma of Hinduism, or in Catholicism, there lies a certain space for subtle freedom. In it, each one of us has the opportunity to “choose.”

Whether you believe in the ironclad Calvinistic style or you view life with the understanding that each one of us creates their own destiny every day, we’re sure that this marvelous short won’t leave you indifferent.

Something we should learn is that we shouldn’t focus our lives on what destiny does or doesn’t bring us: focus your attention on what you do with the things that destiny does give you.

And there lies the authentic key: on picking up on those small clues woven laboriously into your everyday, making a blanket that will be our destiny. Because sometimes, if you don’t take a good look at life, opportunities will pass you by without you being able to recognize them.

It’s also possible that the wheel of our existence has certain key moments prepared for us that we simply cannot change. Nevertheless, the game of life resides on not “stopping”, on not becoming stuck.

We must move forward every day with open eyes and our hearts wide awake, accepting our failures, jumping over obstacles and achieving new victories, but always with hope so as to not let yourself get carried away by fate. Learn to create it, learn to be the architect of the world you wish to live in.

Escaping destiny or learning from it

animation breaking clock

“Destiny” is a marvelous short film that captivates you from the very first moment. At first we receive the shock of someone just waking up from a dream, someone who doesn’t really understand what’s going on. Later on, we let ourselves get carried away by its mysteries…

Destiny is like a clock with pre-established rhythms, precise times. The protagonist in “Destiny” will be given the chance to break these patterns in order to understand his own destiny throughout various occasions.

This short, masterfully created by the French school “Bellecour Ecole d’Art!”, offers the spectator such a disconcerting narrative rhythm, that we have the clear sensation that we’re experiencing an authentic “Groundhog’s Day”,  just like the Harold Ramis original movie.

This film offers us an opportunity to reflect upon life and destiny and the fact that we have the obligation to recognize the signs of opportunities all around us. This isn’t precisely easy, because in some way, it forces us to look within. It demands self-knowledge.

While it’s true that nowadays the topic of destiny doesn’t have a solid response from science, we can’t stop thinking that it could be a mix of luck, will and coincidences always oriented towards a certain purpose: our happiness.

From the point of psychoanalysis, we could see fate as something that we build ourselves based on a restrained emotion, a childhood trauma, a hidden impulse that sets us on a certain direction and not another.

Behaviorism, on the other hand, explains destiny as an action that we perform based on a conditioning or good from our own past, or rather based on learned behaviors that are more or less adapted, and which also condition us.

From the cognitive perspective, we are taught that there are mental processes we perform in order to interpret everything we see, and we act according to those internal mechanisms. Some people prefer to attribute everything that happens to destiny, instead of taking control of their lives.

animation happy man

There are many crossroads in life, when things can happen one way or another. It may be due to luck, chance or destiny. Now, it’s clear that the way we address our own reality will determine whether a certain something happens or doesn’t.

In the end, we’re all made of electrons, protons, quarks…In fact, just as it happens in this short film, it’s possible that what we see now is only one of many many possibilities. Now, we should never forget that no matter what our destiny is, we should only focus on one path: one which leads to happiness.

“Destiny” is a suggestive yet tough reflection on fate. Made by Fabien Weibel, Sandrine Wurster, Victor Debatisse and Manuel Alligné, it will throw you into a world full of details. Because life, magic and often times even tragedy itself can be found precisely within the smallest details. Details that we should pay close attention to. Enjoy this short film and feel free to share it with your loved ones.

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