The Shift by Wayne Dyer

The Shift by Wayne Dyer

Last update: 16 August, 2016

“The Shift” is a movie directed by Michael A. Goorjian in the United States of America. The main protagonist is Wayne Dyer, author of the famous self-help book “Your Erroneous Zones.”

During the film, Dr. Wayner Dyer serves as a guide and a spiritual master to different types of people that he works with. Through the use of talks and experiences, he attempts to make them realize that life is not a river that flows on a set current. Instead, he tries to help each person find their own path and discover their own “inner me.”

He attempts to help them see that everything has its own hidden meaning if we just learn how to listen, if we dare to go down the path that our hearts choose. We can all set out to make that “shift” if we feel strongly that that we’re not really where we’re supposed to be in life. Throughout the movie, three different stories are told, in which the people lose their way and feel a great emptiness in their lives.

In the first case, a mother devoted herself so much to her family that she forgot to live her own life. Over the years she gave her all for the well-being of her family, but she left her dreams and hobbies behind. She slowly comes to this realization and it sets her in motion to get her life back.

Every human being deserves their own personal space within which to grow, carry out their dreams and do what they enjoy most. Dedicating time to oneself is crucial. Whoever doesn’t do this, whether due to overworking or because they are too busy taking care of others, will over time end up feeling a great void or emptiness in their life.

In the second case, we meet a well-adjusted married couple, accustomed to a high standard of living. They seem to have it all, but they soon find out that wealth does not equal happiness. We aren’t defined by what we have or possess. They learn to value the little things. They come to see that within simplicity and the small details in life, lies the greatest wealth of all.

In the third case, we meet an ambitious movie director. He forgot to live in the present and focused exclusively on his job. His future and the successes up ahead were what his whole life revolved around. That desire to live exclusively for your work and job ends up letting the “here and now” pass you by. 

Rules to live by in order to achieve fulfillment:

  • Live consciously: Savor the present moment in its entirety. Be here in this moment and do not let your mind wander elsewhere.
  • Let go of your ego: remember that you are not defined by your job, nor your riches. When you live from within, from that spiritual being that focuses solely on how you are as a person, without any labels, or belongings, that’s when your well-being starts to flow from within you.
  • Leave perfection aside: Know that you don’t have to be perfect. Human beings aren’t perfect and you don’t need to be perfect in order to be happy.
  • Know that you are not defined by your reputation: If we live our lives according to what others think of us, we’ll lose our freedom. Everyone is free to think what he or she wants, but the thoughts of others shouldn’t affect our decisions, actions or our way of life. Reputation is something invisible that others create about you. It’s something that we shouldn’t give much importance to. What’s really important is not what happens on the outside, because that’s not where you live. What’s most important is what happens within you.
  • Listen to yourself, without judgement: When we make decisions, our ego tends to interfere. Our perfectionist and judgmental side comes out into the light. It reminds us that “the normal” thing is for us to do this or the other. When we activate the side of us that’s free of interference, everything flows more naturally and is filled with positive feelings. It is here where our true dreams and desires reside.  

A film to reflect upon

This film will make us ask ourselves if we truly are where we would like to be in our lives. If we’re truly living or if we’re letting our dreams and happiness pass us by. We are the creators of our own lives. Everything has its own hidden meaning if we do something about it and guide our lives in a particular and personal way.

Are you living your life how you’d like to, or are you letting yourself get carried along by the current or by society?

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