Sexuality Lasts a Lifetime

Sexuality isn't limited to adulthood; it lasts your entire life. Like many sex concepts, this one has been reshaped over time until its meaning basically got lost. By reflecting on sexuality, you might be able to find out why it's innate to human nature.
Sexuality Lasts a Lifetime

Last update: 29 June, 2020

People often assume that sexuality is “adult stuff”. Although it’s true that it’s present in adulthood, it isn’t exclusive to this vital period of a human being’s life. Instead, sexuality lasts through all life stages.

It might be easier to understand if you know the definition of sexuality. Sex terms are widely used, but at the same time, they’ve been reshaped over and over. That’s why some of them require deeper reflection, like the very concept of “sex”.

What is sexuality and what isn’t?

Sexuality isn’t a synonym for sexual orientation. Many people tend to confuse these two terms. In fact, sexuality is often used to refer to the sexual orientation of erotic desire (commonly called sexual orientation).

But sexual orientation isn’t an option, because if it were an option then it means you have a choice, and of course, you don’t just “choose” your sexual orientation. Plus, it isn’t a condition either, because it doesn’t condition anything, at all.

a young couple about to kiss

Sexuality, as a concept, is the way people manifest their sexual desires. Basically, it’s how men and women express how they feel and live as men and women.

Human beings have genders and a sex, in terms of sexual identity. There are infinite ways of being a man (as many as there are men in the world), and the same for women. So, sexuality defines how you express yourself sexually.

Sexuality and gender

Sexology, in theory, is in charge of giving shape to this one and many other concepts. It is to keep them coherent and accurate. That’s why sexuality, as well as other terms that come from the word “sex”, aren’t directly related to sexual relations, as many might think.

Sexuality is actually more related to another concept: gender, which is the ongoing process of defining and redefining yourself as a man or a woman, or anything else. It starts before you’re even born and comes to an end when you’re no longer alive.

Gender isn’t an exclusively biological process, but it’s biographic instead. It’s subject to all types of influence that make you the sexual being that you are, with your ways and peculiarities.

Therefore, gender and sexuality are part of your entire being just by the fact that you have a gender. And this means that both gender and sexuality lasts throughout your whole life.

Sexuality in childhood and in old age

Bearing in mind that this concept isn’t what people usually think it is, let’s now dive deeper into the matter.

You now know that people have a gender throughout their entire life, but also keep in mind that this may change according to the life stage they’re in.

Normally, no one looks at sexuality in childhood or in the old age, for reasons that have one thing in common: ignorance. If you understand what this concept truly means, disregarding sexuality in childhood or in old age makes no sense.

an old couple hugging

Sexuality in old age

Sexuality in old age is a beautiful way of expression because older men and women experience it from a wiser standpoint in life. It’s true that people disregard it due to our society’s common cultural mindset.

In the western countries, there’s still so much to improve in terms of visibility and respect to older people and their sexuality. Maybe looking at other cultures and how they perceive this stage in life, can help change this mindset for the better.

Sexuality in childhood

On the other hand, sexuality in childhood is just as beautiful, but for other reasons. Just like older people see it all from a more experienced perspective, when it comes to children, their sexuality develops in a context of innocence and exploration.

The most beautiful aspect is that, at that age, you’re practically uncontaminated from any social influence. In fact, children express themselves without any taboos or filters, they’re curious about the world surrounding them.

In order to end all stereotypes and taboos around sexuality and many other concepts, it’s fundamental that you understand and analyze them further.

Improving sex education is absolutely necessary; that’s how society will be able to destigmatize the sexual expression of human beings. It will also help people to accept the idea that sexuality lasts a lifetime.

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