Sexual Intelligence

Sexual Intelligence

Last update: 21 February, 2022

Being sexually intelligent and living a satisfactory sex life doesn’t depend on aspects like physical appearance or extraordinary seduction skills. We can all develop the necessary abilities to enjoy a full sex life.

Be it consciously or unconsciously, a big part of our lives revolve around sex and acquiring emotional stability within this field. However, there are many cases in which sexuality translates to frustration and dissatisfaction.

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It’s noteworthy that, in different studies conducted in this regard, sexual dissatisfaction for different reasons exceeded 60%. Of this percentage, in 50% of the cases, sexual relations were perceived as painful and erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation was  experienced  in more than 35%.

The absence of sexual intelligence

It’s important to point out that an absence of intelligent sexuality is mainly due to ignorance and prejudice associated with popular myths and religious beliefs. Therefore, to address these weaknesses it’s necessary to adequately and  scientifically i nform ourselves.

For example, the way an orgasm is e xperienced  is different for men and women, while for men it ends with ejaculation, for women it continues to eroticism and caresses after completing intercourse.

Many people don’t really know their body. They may have no idea how to react to certain stimuli. And at the same time, they experience certain blocks of shame or modesty towards exploring themselves.

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Therefore, it is crucial to ask ourselves what we like and what bothers us in sexual relationships. This will allow the borders of erotic exploration and experimentation to become visible.

It is also important to increase our skills of communicating to our partner who we are and what we want. Trust and good communication are the pillars of sexual intelligence in a relationship. Only this way can you establish common agreements and concerted experiences.

Practicing intelligent sexuality

An essential element needed to access efficient intelligent sexuality involves the ability to connect with others. We have to be willing to move and interact with others. This includes talking about your personal sexual life with your partner, understanding and extending our erotic universe. We have to be honest and show ourselves as we really are sexually.

The most important organ in sexual intelligence is the brain. For this reason, it’s important that we be creative, to step away from imposed or excessively traditional models and bare our bodies and feelings in order to mutually enjoy one another.

Additionally, one must be clear that sexual relations shouldn’t translate to power struggles.

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It’s possible to improve and dignify our sexual intelligence, provided we’re willing to learn, to inquire about our desires and fantasies. To free ourselves from the defects that limit us, such as mistrust or guilt.

Satisfaction in sexual intelligence is achieved based on the development of a manual built by the two of you. Its not reached by thinking “anything goes” or following the lessons of the Kama Sutra down to the letter.

That need for emotional balance is only possible if its processed through respect, responsibility and sensitivity.

Past sex might have been experienced in a negative way. However, we must not be swayed by false beliefs. We must be careful not to confuse intelligent sexuality with a space for the expression of  shortages.

Sex is healthier and more pleasant when there is love. And when we speak of love in sex, it’s not only alluded to the relationship. It also means self-love, love for life and love for the human race.

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