In the Realm of Hypocrisy, Sincerity Is Misunderstood

In the Realm of Hypocrisy, Sincerity Is Misunderstood

Last update: 28 July, 2022

In terrains reigned by lies disguised as sweet hypocrisy, sincerity is always misunderstood. It’s as if communicating with transparency was a crime. As if it was an audacity for someone to take off the armor and, with all due respect, walk heart first and truthfully.

It’s not easy. Nowadays there are many sociologists and annalists who define the bigger part of the population as passive entities, as mere witnesses to what happens in the world that is framed within their television sets. Hypocrisy reigns in many of our political spheres, in certain workplace scenarios and even in the intimacy of some of our homes. And we’re not reacting to it.

“When a bad person pretends to be noble, that’s when the worst of them emerges.”
-Publilio Siro-

There are some who opt for silence and for that passivity due to simple and absolute fatigue. Because we already know the weakness or defects of that certain family member, director or coworker. We know that there is an excessive amount of these people who defend equality, but within they secretly despise for others to have the same rights as them, the same opportunities.

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