When Our Pet is the One Who Rescues Us

When Our Pet is the One Who Rescues Us

Last update: 03 December, 2017

We know about rescue dogs. But sometimes it goes the other way: an animal rescues a person. Dogs and cats that, literally, save the lives of their “humans.” Because they come into their lives when they need them the most. In the darkest, toughest times, when the presence of that little creature helps turn their focus outwards and shake off their  sadness, fears, and solitude.

Social psychologists confirm that pets are natural objects of human attachment. It’s always been like that. Dogs have been man’s best friends since way back in our evolutionary history. Back then, the first social groups humans formed already included the company of some type of canine.

“It’s compassion and respect towards animals and Nature what truly makes us human.”
-Albert Schweitzer-

It’s magical, there’s no doubt. It’s clear that even though we adopt HIM, he’s the one who rescues US. 


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