People Are Like Music: Some Poetry and Others Noise

People Are Like Music: Some Poetry and Others Noise

Last update: 29 January, 2017

There are people who are music to our lives, and they do it without realizing. They are the poetry, whose lines are part of our heart. Others, however, are just noise, background noises that are sometimes annoying and persistent with which we learn to live with balance and respect.

Gustav Jung said that the meeting between two people, sometimes, is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is a reaction, both parties can transform and benefit. However, sometimes just the opposite may happen: avoidance. Nonetheless, this is neither good nor bad, it is the mere reflection of human relationships.

Life is like music and poetry, it must be composed from one’s own heart, choosing those partners to dance with, painting our days with joy, and leaving aside those that only know how to be noise.

We could say that personal relationships are at times like complex universes where we all end up colliding with each other. However, there always comes a time when we perceive that inner music that characterizes each of us. That unique and exceptional harmony that blends with certain people, so that together, we create the best sheet music of our lives…

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People who put music to our day

When drawing the lines that define those people who give light to our days, we tend to rely almost immediately on positive psychology. Martin Seligman is the best representative of this trend where we are told, for example, what characteristics these personalities tend to have to transform adversity into opportunity, and make happiness a constant in each stage of their lives.

However, it is important to clarify some things. People who really become true beacons of light in our lives, do not necessarily need to be “happy people”. In fact, they are skilled architects of positive emotions. Another aspect to consider is that these relationships are so enriching that, sometimes, they can be brief, but not less significant.

Sometimes we live certain emotional relationships or friendships that end up finishing, but still, by evoking that memory, they continue to give us a beautiful soundtrack of pleasant sensations. Because there are people, believe it or not, who are like “fires”; figures that despite the distance, still give us light, warmth and peace.

Remember it is a pleasure and if we are still on our side, they are precious treasures to take care of.

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Living with music and noise

Noise is a confusing mix of sounds without rhythm or harmony. We all know what it is; we are used to that same din in our cities. Sometimes, to protect ourselves from that annoying noise, we end up putting on headphones to relax with our favorite music.

“We are in this world to live in harmony, for those that know, they give way to intelligence in order to stop fighting against each other.”


With people we perform almost the same practice without realizing it. We c oexist with characters that do not fit, colleagues who come and go, neighbors who we greet but avoid, relatives who we appreciate, but do not visit often. There is respect, but no harmony.

Now we know that it is not always easy to achieve this subtle balance between “music and noise”, therefore, we suggest you to consider these strategies.

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Keys to live in harmony and not give up after trying

Surely on more than one occasion you’ve heard of psychological resistance. It is what often holds us back from much of our personal growth by getting us to act based on what others expect of us or the avoidance of being fully aware of what we want or do not want.

  • The first key to living in harmony is personal freedom. Dare to enhance it every day. Only when we are able to let go of those molds in which were imprisoned by our fears and insecurities, we rise as authentic and complete beings able to chart our own “vital music.”
  • The second key is respect and “non-resistance”. This unique combination results in something as simple as “live and let live”. There is no reason to have everyone like us. It is just about respecting each other, and if there is someone in particular who “makes us uncomfortable”, there is no reason to fall captive to this negligence. Ignoring and distancing ourselves are the best ways to placate that particular noise.
  • The third key is to cultivate the art of being happy with the simplest and most elementary things. Once we feel free and we know “who is poetry and who is just background noise”, we can just pick up our dance partners to guide us by complicity, joy and adventure.

No matter if the music lasts a moment or a lifetime, you have to just let go… and enjoy.

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