Our Worst Grammatical Mistake: Not Knowing How to Put a Period at the End

Our Worst Grammatical Mistake: Not Knowing How to Put a Period at the End

Last update: 08 November, 2022

The worst mistake we can make is not committed when writing, but rather in life when we do not put a period at the end. Knowing how to close stages, phases and relationships can be difficult. We often want to “fighting to the end.”

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Our mistake: putting an ellipsis where a full stop should go

The old habit of putting an ellipsis keeps us from growing. If we do not open the windows, we won’t see the brightness of life; if we don’t leave the doors open, we will drown in the inability to “let go,” in the dust that prevents us from breathing.

The toughness and resistance to what is finished become a metaphorical gun pointing at our temple constantly, making us unable to enjoy our emotional life.

In these cases, denial plays an essential role. It is a reflection of our inability to face a negative emotional reality. We refuse to take our feelings and thoughts seriously.

If something does not make us happy or a relationship does us no good, why do we continue? 

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Let’s be realistic: if we want the good to come in, we have to let go

Letting go”, “releasing”, “saying goodbye“. Powerful phrases. More than mere aphorisms, they should be part of our vocabulary if we find ourselves in situations that no longer serve our goals.

Do not go where you are not loved and do not stay where you are not wanted. If we recognize this, then we will value our emotional needs and listen to our hearts, even when it means letting go of the familiar.

We often like to keep the doors and windows of our lives open. However, we must put a firm end to those patterns that are harmful to us. We have to protect our heart and move ahead in life by putting our own feelings first.

It is true that it is difficult (and sad) to put an end to our stories, but when we don’t, we don’t allow new, beautiful stories to enter. Do not forget:

Leaving some places is also caring for oneself.

Getting away from some people is also protecting oneself.

Closing some doors is also loving oneself.

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