Nothing Makes People Better as Much as Love

Nothing Makes People Better as Much as Love

Last update: 24 December, 2016

You are probably already feeling a little skeptical just by reading the title of this article. In our world, the strategies used to make people better are based on competition and manipulation. Thus, the word love seems too “corny” or “idealistic”.

But in reality, there is no other way to achieve it. In fact, you could say that it is the only way that actually works. The only thing that truly transforms us. In order to transform people, you have to love them.

Loving them unconditionally doesn’t imply putting up with situations that make us unhappy. Putting a stop to a story is also an act of love, if you know how to do it correctly. Because separation doesn’t imply the end of love.


If you only wish to change them, let them go

Loving is an act of giving yourself to someone unconditionally. It shouldn’t cause suffering, but sometimes it implies uncertainty and going through some tough times. This is especially exemplified in the love we have for a partner. With them, we share certain pieces of us that others don’t see. We open up in body and soul. We bare ourselves before the other person with fear, but also with anticipation.

We discover things about ourselves that we didn’t know existed, but the act of loving arises passions. The most beautiful and feared passions we can experience.

The concept of romantic love that we have been sold is frustrating. Because nobody told us that coexistence can be difficult, that we would doubt the other’s love for us and doubt who we are on numerous occasions.

“We learn to love, not when we find the perfect person, but when we see an imperfect person as perfect.”
-Sam Keen-

Many relationships end because we love “half-heartedly”. Because we use an endless number of strategies to make our love less noticeable or evident. They say that when you show your heart, you seem vulnerable, and that is not true. The true catastrophic thing would be for our life to end without us having “gone for it” in the name of love.

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