Missing Someone Doesn't Mean You Want Them Back

Missing Someone Doesn't Mean You Want Them Back

Last update: 13 January, 2018

You can miss someone, you can long for everything you’ve gone though with a person you loved. You can wish the memories could be repeated, you can ask yourself: why did it end?

Could this have been something? What would have happened if …? However, this nostalgia doesn’t have to mean that you want the person causing this feeling to come back.

Missing people can be complicated. Sometimes it is accompanied by a twinge of pain. You remember with longing much of what you find on your mental journey to the past.

However, there was a reason it ended. Keeping your distance helps you resist the temptation to return, because deep down you do not want to go back.

We can miss the person or the history we had with them. In fact, this changes the meaning of our memories a lot. Sometimes what we want is not for that person to return, but rather to enjoy the good times again.

But think about it: this doesn’t have to happen with the same person. The history and the feelings can be replicated in part with another person now.

a man in solitude missing someone

There are people who appear in our lives for a limited time, we go through the good and the bad with them, and then we part ways. When we miss them, it’s good to remember that the story has two sides. Ours will continue on, and that’s why we can continue to savor the sweet taste of what makes life special.

Getting back together isn’t the same

This is where the difference between missing the person and missing the memories is especially important. When stories end, they end.

Even if we want to repeat the same thing with the same person, it won’t be the same. Because people mature, grow, develop, and that’s why they don’t return to the same point.

Starting again with someone you already know, who you share a part of your past with, or who you’re trying to relive moments from another era, will mean starting from a different point. It’s not living or feeling the same thing again.


a woman missing her companion

Let’s leave our memories in our memory and savor the flavor they’ve left. Let’s feel them again when we close our eyes, let’s let our eyes fill with tears sometimes thinking about how it’s no longer there.

But let’s be happy that it happened and some way or another, they’re still in us.

We are made up of each of our memories and that’s why we must live them that way. Let yourself miss things, but if it’s going to hurt again, leave it there.

Don’t try to repeat or force something that’s no longer there. You may miss it but you may not want it to come back.

Missing something is filling your time with memories

Because that’s missing. To be full of memories, moments, adventures, stories, is to be full of life, but also to be full of a past life. It wouldn’t be good to stay there. Because we have our past, we’re missing it, but ahead we have much more memories to make.

a woman remembering and missing

Let’s draw the line and move away if we make a decision purely out of nostalgia. Let’s stop being full of the past and open our eyes to everything that awaits us up ahead. The people who were there will remain in our memory and feelings, but the people who are waiting to start walking our way would like us to open our arms to them.

Being courageous also means trusting again. Continuing to miss the people we knew, but risking new experiences and new people, with different crowds, giving others the chance to fill the holes that so much missing has created in us.

But above all, people who fill us up and continue to support us, who won’t erase our memory but will leave space for us to write new stories.

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