By Loving Solitude You Become a Better Partner

By Loving Solitude You Become a Better Partner

Last update: 27 July, 2016

The value of solitude is still not recognized by society. We tend to think that those who prefer it as cold people.

We get too carried away with the labels, what people will say, regardless of the truth or at least reality. A reality that each one of us does have the power to collect and receive at will.

“Why, is loneliness generally shunned? Because there are very few that find company in themselves?

-Carlo Dossi-

In this case, loneliness comes with a label that make us avoid it at all costs, and look to get away from those who practice it.

But in reality, the act of appreciating being alone and in our own company is a sign of maturity and emotional intelligence. The mission of life to which we all aspire to reach as human beings.


Being alone is being with yourself

Let’s face it, it involves great courage to be willing to face oneself, being that this is the source of all our fears. We are the creators and recipients of our fears.

When one is able to live with solitude and listen to their heart, then that person will be left with a gift: their own emotional freedom. Being free emotionally in our century is a treasure, and building an environment and relationship with these features is a precious good.

People with this gift are characterized by respect, first towards themselves as well as towards those they love. They appreciate silence and know what to say and when to stay out out something.

At some point in our lives, most of us want to have a relationship that is lived with fullness. If we consider what has been said so far, for sure you will agree that the best friends of loneliness can become the perfect companion.


Why does loving solitude makes us a better partner?

Solitude allows the space that is very precious for many and is very much needed and demanded by others. Granting oneself time away from the one we love, but only in time and space, not in heart, generates a mutual respect. This creates the perfect ingredients to build a relationship full of unconditional love.

Spending time with ourselves allows us to understand that this encourages us to know ourselves better and therefore create the tools and freedom to get to know our partner.

Loneliness allows us to connect with our essence

We can probably accompany our life partner to the same destination: the best version of ourselves. Spending time alone allows us to understand that there are priorities and we are not the center of the universe.

Being alone allows us to understand and accept life to feel better

Solitude allows us to understand that everything is impermanent, both the positive and the negative… And therefore we are in constant motion and change. As the Buddhist doctrine says, “We are one with the universe.” Silence becomes our greatest precursor for understanding this pretext.


A person who loves spending time with oneself gives space wherever he or she goes

You become a better person that way and you l et the love you feel within yourself, by you or by your partner, continue to grow. Freedom flourishes as well as the desire to meet again and merge into one heart. And the greatest thing, being allowed to let go, is the true basis of pure and divine love of our humanity.

At this point I will not say goodbye without me asking you, do you think now that loving solitude makes you better partner? As the great writer Arthur Schopenhauer once said, “Loneliness is the fate of all great spirits.”

“The man who wants to contemplate the glory of God on Earth face to face, should contemplate this glory in solitude.”

-Edgar Allan Poe-

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