I Love You The Way You Love Dark Things, Secretly

I Love You The Way You Love Dark Things, Secretly
Sergio De Dios González

Written and verified by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

I love your danger, your sadness, each crevice of your soul and spirit. I love the way you look at me, caress me, kiss me. I know that in each one of your smiles there is a whole word of possibilities, which I’m learning to spy through your lashes.

I love you secretly, in an impossible spirit between reason and the heart. If my heart says I love you, my reason will deny it forever, but my heartbeats won’t allow me to forget what I feel. Because I can’t forget the emotion that arises when I look at you.

And that secret is mine or both of ours, but we know it exists without uttering a single word, without giving it away. It is guarded by the dreams that reside under my pillow, which each night whisper into my ears.

couple holding hands

I don’t know when I started loving you. I did it without even noticing, without thinking about it. I simply felt little by little that I could love every one of your fingertips, every word that your lips pronounced, each one of the perfect imperfections of your body.

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