Look Inside Yourself for What Makes You Happy

Look Inside Yourself for What Makes You Happy

Last update: 15 December, 2017

Your mind and body are talking to you. They’re asking you to stop and look inside yourself. Listen carefully and ask yourself: what is it that I want?

Sometimes we’re flying on auto-pilot and don’t have time during the day to stop and really think about what’s happening to us. To think about how we’re feeling or if we’re really where we want to be.

The main priority is our daily to-do’s, but…do we really dedicate time for ourselves and what makes us happy? 

We have to find ourselves in what makes us smile. And what motivates us to keep on enjoying the opportunities we create through our actions.

It’s the little details that bring us closer to life. A hot shower, a fresh cup of coffee. Listening to music while you walk, getting beers after work, seeing a good movie, or finishing a good book. It’s about telling jokes, kissing and being kissed, making people laugh…

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If we can get that awareness, we’ll be able to stop and find ourselves. We’ll be able to turn off the auto-pilot that’s just carrying us along. From the “I have to” or “I should,” to the “enjoy” mode. Even if we do the same things.

Look for Exceptions, Break your Rules

Sometimes we live our lives under strict rules that we put on ourselves. Rules that feel more like a burden dragging us down.

If I’m wearing a heavy backpack, it’ll be hard for me to feel light. It’ll be harder for me to move forward with peace and freedom. It’ll be easier for me to fall into the temptation of taking bad shortcuts.

By looking for exceptions, I’m talking about how we have schedules and obligations we can’t avoid. But every now and then it would be good to look for a moment to not do anything. To blow off a small obligation and give yourself a break or go with the flow. Gather up your energy, breathe, and come back with a big smile on your face.

Personal rules and guidelines are also there to be broken, and at the very least adjusted. I make plans, but flexible enough that I can change them if things come up (or the occasional whim). To feel fulfilled and happy, to be myself. I don’t want to be cookie cutter, I want to make my own shape.

If something is dragging me down, stopping me from being me, not letting me enjoy things, it’s time to make a change. Maybe I can’t change the outside world, so I’ll just have to change my outlook on it. Looking for an adjustment will help me free myself and have a more positive outlook. 

Seeing Challenges and Opportunities

A new job. Travelling to a city you’ve never been to. Meeting people from other cultures. Seeing new places. Trying out new activities. These are some of the things that can help us escape emptiness. But they can also help us get to know another side of ourselves and enjoy life.

a woman in a rowboat on a mountain lake thinking about what makes you happy

It’s scary entering a whole new, unknown world. That’s why a lot of the time we don’t have to courage to throw ourselves into it. Maybe the path we need to take most is the one we’re most afraid of. Our fear may be hiding a wealth of happiness.

How would I act or what decision would I make if I weren’t afraid? This is a good question to ask yourself if you want new doors to open. 

If we look inside ourselves we have what it takes. Maybe uncharted territories will give us much more than we think and make us happier.

Seeing challenges and opportunities where other people just see traps and setbacks, that’s something we can work on. And even enjoy.

Happiness is in the little, daily things. Being aware of them is something we all have to learn how to do on our own. Sometimes we just need to stop and look at all of the amazing things around us.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.