Live and Then Think

Live and Then Think
Cristina Roda Rivera

Written and verified by the psychologist Cristina Roda Rivera.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

We often forget that we get to live life only once and that it’s not about having the best one possible and suffering as little as possible, it’s about fighting for the life we’ve always dreamed. It’s about making your life a path that’s true to who you are. It’s about choosing, not simply discarding.

Let’s see where you stand and how you can change if you truly wish to.

We all know the uncertain position we find ourselves in, but we have to neutralize the effect of that uncertainty when it comes time to make decisions and face life.

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They seem like two very simple questions. Immediately, certain thoughts will come into your mind like “I can’t,” “I shouldn’t,” “I have responsibilities.”

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