Live and Then Think

13 May, 2016

We often forget that we get to live life only once and that it’s not about having the best one possible and suffering as little as possible, it’s about fighting for the life we’ve always dreamed. It’s about making your life a path that’s true to who you are. It’s about choosing, not simply discarding.

Let’s see where you stand and how you can change if you truly wish to.

We all know the uncertain position we find ourselves in, but we have to neutralize the effect of that uncertainty when it comes time to make decisions and face life.

“I don’t believe in coincidence or necessity. Mi will is my destiny.”
-John Milton-
woman with purple flowers

Two questions that require two honest answers

  • What can you do that’s really useful in your life because you do it well and are passionate about it?
  • What kind of people do you want to accompany you through any emotional terrain, at work, friends-wise… etc?

They seem like two very simple questions. Immediately, certain thoughts will come into your mind like “I can’t,” “I shouldn’t,” “I have responsibilities.”

Haven’t you figured out that looking for the most sincere answer will put you on the threshold of the life you truly want to live from now on?

And that for every excuse you give when answering these questions, you will come even closer to the life you lead now, the one you don’t seem to be quite comfortable with. If not, I doubt you would’ve even considered the question at all.

So we find ourselves in a dilemma: Do I continue living the life I live now or do I risk some things from my current situation in order to improve, knowing that I could lose everything?

Well, let’s not pretend that one article could solve a dilemma in such a simple and pretentious way. Therefore, we’re going to talk about two ways of living, one with the positive and one with the negative, and your heart and mind will give you the answer.

Think about how you live

When we think about how we live, we assume that the situation is difficult to change.

Maybe we’ve been wrapped up in the same unlikely circumstances for years, and we’re trying to solve and manage it the best way possible. We don’t have any other choice.

A mature person would face this whole situation with pain, but also with the desire to build a better life.

We realize that many people surrender when faced with urgent need, they prefer to choose a safer simpler road. That doesn’t mean there’s no happiness on that road, since many people accept it well. Others, however, when faced with a phase of “chosen” change, they get frustrated.

If you think and then live:

  • You’ll have more security, since you won’t mind working on what you need to keep moving forward.
  • You’ll have stability, since the people that walk along the same road with you have settled on the fact that this is the way of life and no reproaches should appear.
  • Your conscience will be calm, since you’ve done the best you could in the worst circumstances.
  • You might not have taken the path you wanted, but you made the path you’re on the best it could be, and that’s an unquestionable feat.
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To live and then think

When you live as you think, there’s nothing left to adjust between what you want to do and what you’re doing. Between the people I think I should surround myself with and the people who currently surround me, between my personal decisions and the decisions society imposes on me.

This is the road of willpower, passion, a road that sometimes doesn’t lead precisely to success but it does make you happy. Since winners have power and happy people have glory.

“Find your passion and let it kill you.”
-Charles Bukowski-

If you live and then think:

  • You’ll have less security or it’ll arrive later in life, but for you happiness in life resides in developing your passion.
  • You won’t have a stable schedule, residence or the same people with you always. But you’ll be filled with the illusion that every day will be a new adventure to discover.
  • We don’t know if your conscience will be very calm or not for being on this path. At first you might have seemed a bit radical and you didn’t give enough explanations, maybe you did something that society didn’t deem correct, but all of that dissipates when happiness arrives.
  • You have taken the path you wanted, and you’re enjoying it. So losses don’t matter much when you feel ebullient on the chosen path.