Life Is Wonderful if You Don't Fear It

Life Is Wonderful if You Don't Fear It

Last update: 18 May, 2016

Irrational fear presents itself many times during our lives. It keeps us from enjoying every moment. Irrational fear complicates our relationships with others and causes our physical and mental health to deteriorate.

But, where do these fears come from? Without a doubt, from ourselves. We have the ability to agonize over problems that don’t exist, and to become tormented over issues that have no solution.

Fear is necessary in life, since it’s a natural response when faced with adverse and potentially dangerous events. However, we often give this response more attention than it deserves.

Fear can take over your life 

When we give in to fear, we end up at its mercy, going through life like puppets governed by the circumstances that surround us.

Being dominated by fears means losing ourselves. We stop moving forward on the path towards our dreams and hopes. It is an energy that paralyzes our willpower.

How can we fight fear? It’s important to not avoid or feed fear by running from it. The moment we confront our fears, we are taking a step towards fighting them and taking away all of their power.

The second we let each one of our fears take up their own space, we can end up collapsing. We don’t dare to take one step, even when faced with issues as important as love, honesty or our own well-being.

The time comes when we let our fears take control of our decisions and our willpower. And we forget that life is all about living and experiencing it.

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We know that some fears are irrational and out of touch with reality. However, we think we can’t escape them, and we end up succumbing, accepting the cards we’re dealt.

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