Life Is Wonderful if You Don't Fear It

18 May, 2016

Irrational fear presents itself many times during our lives. It keeps us from enjoying every moment. Irrational fear complicates our relationships with others and causes our physical and mental health to deteriorate.

But, where do these fears come from? Without a doubt, from ourselves. We have the ability to agonize over problems that don’t exist, and to become tormented over issues that have no solution.

Fear is necessary in life, since it’s a natural response when faced with adverse and potentially dangerous events. However, we often give this response more attention than it deserves.

“A man who feels fear in the absence of danger, invents the dangers to justify his fear.”

Fear can take over your life 

When we give in to fear, we end up at its mercy, going through life like puppets governed by the circumstances that surround us.

Being dominated by fears means losing ourselves. We stop moving forward on the path towards our dreams and hopes. It is an energy that paralyzes our willpower.

How can we fight fear? It’s important to not avoid or feed fear by running from it. The moment we confront our fears, we are taking a step towards fighting them and taking away all of their power.

The second we let each one of our fears take up their own space, we can end up collapsing. We don’t dare to take one step, even when faced with issues as important as love, honesty or our own well-being.

The time comes when we let our fears take control of our decisions and our willpower. And we forget that life is all about living and experiencing it.

Love drives off fear and, reciprocally, fear drives off love. And not only love, fear also drives away intelligence, kindness, any thought of beauty and truth, and the only thing left is mute desperation. In the end, fear can drive away from a man humanity itself.” 
-Aldous Huxley-
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Controlling our fears 

We know that some fears are irrational and out of touch with reality. However, we think we can’t escape them, and we end up succumbing, accepting the cards we’re dealt.

We create this type of fear ourselves.We need to know how to recognize and understand this type of insane fear, so we may realize how it affects our lives, and what kind of important things we miss out on for not confronting it.

The consequences of irrational fears are:

  • We become paralyzed, without knowing how to react when faced with an important situation.
  • We stay overly vigilant, because we’re afraid of what might happen, based on our imagination. 
  • We leave aside many things that matter to us and which we enjoy, because we believe that we can’t face the situation we fear.
  • We lose perspective of things that are really important to us for not confronting what we’re afraid of.

When we analyze these irrational fears — trying to figure out what they’re protecting us from, what they’re based on and how they could be more useful to us — we take a truly important step.

A new world of possibilities 

When we’ve adopted the attitude of facing our fears, questioning them, and trying to understand them, we’ll enter into a new world of possibilities.

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Everything can be wonderful when you’re not afraid to live. Experiences start to flow into our lives, and we can begin to enjoy everything within our reach.

We can’t control what’s going to happen around us. However, we can control how we’re going to react when faced with the different situations that present themselves.

When we’re capable of understanding this and putting it into practice in our lives, we’ll be more prepared to love and let our dreams roam free. We’ll thereby become the true rulers of our happiness and take charge of the course of our very lives.