Let's Pretend we Have no Expiration Date

Let's Pretend we Have no Expiration Date

Last update: 20 June, 2018

Let’s pretend there’s no end, that we’re in an infinite world, which means we can look beyond the horizon. Without an expiration date, our fears will disappear. It’ll be easier to put ourselves out there, and bet on everything we used to dream about. We’ll only see the light of all the good things about to come.

And let’s also imagine that we’re  able to give things our best. But not because we’re afraid of them ending. It should be because we really want to and enjoy doing them. At work, in your free time, with your family, your friends, and when it’s just the two of us. Let’s throw ourselves into our love like there’s no tomorrow, into singing like the song will never end, and into dancing like there’s no stopping, like we’ll never get old.

So let’s imagine that there’s no expiration date and no ending date. How about letting  our inner child believe and our outer adult do, because they’re both part of the same person? And how about we imagine without any limits or restrictions? That we always focus on how it’s going and never how it’s going to end. Let’s play without writing an ending.

no expiration date

The expiration date writes itself

You can’t start something already afraid of it ending. Even if you know how it ends you should still put yourself out there. The important thing isn’t that it goes by, but how it does. We just forget that most of the time. So let’s put ourselves out there like there’s no expiration date. The why of our story can end up changing the what that comes at the end. 

Life flips around all the time and every day wonderful things happen that change  your plans. So don’t give up on trying something just because you think you know what will happen. Let yourself get taken over by uncertainty and put yourself out there like you have no idea how it’ll end. Like something magic will pave new pathways in your destiny.

Sometimes the expiration date writes itself. But don’t forget that every decision we make, no matter how big it is, means a new direction. So let’s give ourselvse new beginnings and let things happen to us. Let’s let ourselves get carried away by enjoying every moment. Let’s give the best of ourselves. In the end, the present is the only thing we can truly hold on to.

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Expiration is for products, not for life

You reach your expiration when you die inside, not when you stop breathing. You write your own expiration date when you make every day the same as the last. Or you do it when you anticipate everything that’s going to happen and don’t let things surprise you. You expire when you don’t know how to appreciate the little things in your daily life.

The magical part of the game is that you know how the rules and how it starts, but you can’t guess how it will end. Everything happens during the game itself. You can start over, lose, or win, but giving up is never the best option. 

That’s why we’re challenging you to play, to start something where you don’t know how it will end. And if you figure it out at some point, don’t let it carry you away. We’re challenging you to create something new every day. To appreciate everything that’s happening. And we’re challenging you to let yourself flow, change your plans, and start every day without knowing how it will end. 

Let’s pretend that we have no expiration date. Let’s wish for every day to be better than the day before, and enjoy it like it’s the first time. That way we’ll give everything our all…

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