Learn from Adversity

Learn from Adversity

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Throughout our lives many events may arise that are sad, that cause suffering for us or that test our optimism and our desire to live. But, the secret is in knowing how to face adversity and in how we let these events affect us, and how we manage them. We can’t let them paralyze us or make us lose the joy of living.

We’ve all seen that there are people who in the face a negative situation sink into sadness, and others that are sad but show their strength and their will to live despite the harshness of the situation. Of the latter, resilient people, we can learn how to prevent negative situations from invading and paralyzing us.

“If is not within your hands to change a situation that causes you pain, you can always choose the attitude with which you face that suffering”
Frankl Viktor

Resilience is the ability to take on difficult situations, overcome them and emerge on the other side even stronger. It is a skill that not everyone has innately, but it can be learned and developed.

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